What’s with Democrats’ obsession to ‘do something about guns?’

Topic: What’s with Democrats’ obsession to ‘do something about guns?’

Alan Gottlieb

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What’s with Democrats’ obsession to ‘do something about guns?’

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House Democrats walk down the Capitol steps after ending their gun control sit-in last week.

While the Everett Herald and Seattle Times today carry reports about an apparent home invasion robbery-gone-bad in Snohomish County early Saturday morning — one of the would-be robbers was killed — it might be a good time to ask anti-gun Democrats what they think about self-defense.

Indeed, according to Second Amendment activists all over the landscape, it might be even better to ask Democrats why they have such a compulsion for “doing something about guns” after the Orlando terror massacre. After all, they didn’t go on a political rampage after pressure cookers following the Boston Marathon terror bombing.

At least one gun rights leader, Alan Gottlieb, chairman of the Bellevue-based Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, lambasted Democrats last week for their “temper tantrum” on guns. He put it bluntly, telling Democrats that “Their party no longer represents the ideals of a free society.”

The bad guys in Saturday’s South Everett caper apparently used pepper spray in an attempt to rob several people. It was their bad luck they brought pepper spray to a place where one of the occupants had a gun. No doubt more about this crime will surface, but so far nobody has been arrested.

Naturally, there has been plenty of “Monday morning” speculation about Orlando. What if some of the patrons of the nightclub had been armed, people ponder. Well, they weren’t. What happened is what happened. No amount of speculation will change that.

Likewise, no amount of legislating after the fact will change Orlando, either. More to the point, nothing Democrats have proposed in a show of “do something” urgency would have prevented the massacre, either, and Democrats know it. From sitting in on the House chambers floor to banning gun sales to people on “no-fly” lists, there has not been much discussion in the media about the ineffectiveness of Democrat “solutions.”

You do not prevent crimes, or terrorist acts, by pushing laws that only disarm likely victims, or at the very least violate their constitutional right of due process. Even the ACLU saw through that one and opposed the Democrat bill that failed to pass.

There is something else. As noted the other day by Andrew Clark at the Independent Journal, Republicans sponsored two of the four bills voted down last week. Most of the reporting doesn’t make that clear. The way Democrats have been harping, one would think all the measures were theirs.

In reality, the votes on all of the bills were essentially along party lines. Neither side could muster the required 60-vote majority. Democrats, according to Politico, “made it clear they want to make it as painful for Republicans to oppose their gun amendments, whether through a flood of advocacy calls to their Senate offices or at the ballot box in November.”

So, this whole spectacle wasn’t really about saving lives, it was about scoring points among low information voters come Election Day, is that it? It’s all about creating the impression among the rubes back home that Democrats were trying to “do something” about guns, eh?

The term for that is “crass.” Look it up.

Seldom does one ever hear from liberal anti-gunners when a crime like the one in Snohomish County Saturday turns bad for the would-be criminals. Solid self-defense stories disappear from the news columns faster than savings accounts on April 15. Recall the news coverage after the self-defense shooting of an axe-wielding man at a Boulevard Park convenience store back in March.

This column had an exclusive interview with the armed citizen who pulled that trigger, three times. There was no parade of Democrats congratulating that man for fighting back. Nobody from the “Alliance for Gun Responsibility” issued a statement or even a fund-raising email to talk about that particular responsible use of a gun.

The rush to “do something” increasingly appears to be pure political theatrics, and the silence from the Left is always deafening when some private citizen uses a firearm for self-defense. The knee-jerk reflex to exploit mayhem is the cornerstone of the gun control playbook.

Liberals who want the public to believe they’re “doing something” about crime invariably end up trying to “do something” about guns. Of course they’re shooting at the wrong target. Their abhorrence of anything positive to do with firearms leaves them missing the bull’s eye every time. They can’t even hit the paper, so because of their lack of ability, their only recourse appears to be preventing more capable people of getting the job done.

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