Trump is not Jesus the Messiah

Trump is not Jesus the Messiah

JANUARY 31, 2016

headshot-andre Greetings, my name is Andre Traversa.  I am an online radio talk-show host, media consultant, and Bible-believing Christian with a deep concern for this nation.

I’m also an opinionated political junkie with strong views about who should be elected to public office. More to the point, I’m a longtime supporter of Senator Ted Cruz’s bid for the presidency. I love Ted for all kinds of reasons.  He’s the only guy I know who can unite the evangelicals and libertarians in the Republican Party. Who else can get Ron Paul supporters and Huckabee voters to play on the same team?

I know people say this about every election, but this time it’s really critical. In Ted Cruz, we have the opportunity to elect the most ideologically conservative president I’ve seen in my lifetime. Cruz is to the right of Reagan, and rightly so. I don’t know of any other candidate who can reverse the perilous course this nation is traveling.

Back in December, I was very excited to see a pool showing Cruz ahead of Donald Trump among Iowa caucus voters. Within days, the Trump backlash began. Trump reversed his cordial stance towards Cruz and began attacking his character. At first the attacks were minor, calling Cruz a maniac and questioning, “how many evangelicals come out of Cuba?” The polls also began to shift, showing Trump ahead again with a comfortable lead, though his Iowa numbers have always been lower than his nationals. Soon the attacks intensified, and Trump began to show his true colors under pressure.

Not only did Trump make ignorant references to Cruz’s alleged ineligibility to be president, but he even went so far as to claim Cruz was worse than Hillary, and “more strident than Obama.” Eventually, the attacks assumed a dark and malicious character; and I came to realize this was no ordinary political squabble, but a battle between the forces of light and darkness.

When God revealed this to me, I felt called to spend a week in fasting and prayer. Today is my 6th day of having only juice and water, while I seek the Lord in prayer for our nation, as well as for revival in my own heart, life, and personal relationships. For the last several months, I have increasingly felt that Trump voters were seeking a false messiah, asking Trump to be their personal Savior. Trump could tell lie after lie after lie and his low-information voters seemed to embrace him all the more, not bothering to check the facts.

A glaring example is Trump’s support for eminent domain seizures of private property, which applies not only to public projects like roads and highways, but primarily to advance Trump’s own corporate interests. Trump recently claimed the Vera Coking, an elderly woman whose house he tried demolishing to build a parking lot for limousines at his casinos, didn’t really want her house after all. A simple web search refuted this claim as a blatant lie; Coking sued and Trump lost in court. This is not a subtle manipulation of the truth, but is as much a lie as saying the earth is flat.

In the last few days, Trump’s demonic face has become even more apparent, even to the point of blasphemy. ON Friday, Trump claimed that if people were depressed due to losing their job, “I will lift your depression, I will make you happy.” Does Trump think he’s Jesus,    who can heal our wounds and save us from ourselves? And speaking of Jesus, notice how Trump never mentions him, even while he claims to be a Christian.

Trump has said he doesn’t need to ask God for forgiveness, because he already has a good relationship with God. If the average Joe were saying this, I would know they were deceived, but Trump’s influence has the power to deceive others, with dark and dangerous results. Bottom line, the Establishment in both parties would prefer to have Donald Trump over Ted Cruz. There are two reasons for this, one natural and the other spiritual.

In the natural, the Establishment knows they can make deals with Trump, despite his bombastic rhetoric. But Cruz is not a dealmaker; Cruz has stood up forcefully against crony capitalist boondoggles like the Export-Import Bank and ethanol subsidies, even opposing subsidies for Big Oil, while allowing all energy sources to compete equally in a free and
open marketplace. This makes Cruz the Establishment’s worst nightmare.

In the spiritual, Cruz, though a fallible human being, is clearly a man of God, which is partly why he is being attacked so vociferously. Cruz has promised to attract millions of non-voting Christians to the polls, which would change American politics forever. This prospect scares the daylights out of the elites in both parties, who hate the name of Jesus more than they’ll ever publicly admit.

Make no mistake, our war is not against flesh and blood, but against powers and principalities, and spiritual wickedness in high places. A Bible-believing Christian president is a powerful weapon against demonic forces. Do your part in Iowa, vote Cruz, and fight on the side of righteousness. For those not in Iowa, consider fasting and praying before the Iowa caucuses; America’s future literally hangs in the balance.

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