The Paris Massacre; how an Orthodox Jew would fight back? Marc Alan Urbach

Topic: The Paris Massacre; how an Orthodox Jew would fight back?
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Marc Alan Urbach


B.S. in Communications from University of Florida;
Masters of Education from Georgia State University;
Taught US History, World History, Economics and Civics in public schools for eleven years;
Appeared on radio; Spoken with Tea Party groups and Legislative Aides for Senator Perdue and Senator Isakson of Georgia.
Author:Heal Our Nation, Save Our World.

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The Paris Massacre; how an Orthodox Jew would fight back?

If an Orthodox Jew were President of France how would he respond to the tragic attacks in Paris. Marc Alan Urbach an Orthodox Jew, a Constitutionalist and author of Believe, Do We Need a Third Great Awakening provides the following strategy.

Number one, I would deploy all soldiers to secure all institutions from government buildings to the smallest cafes.

Number two, I would convince other European heads of State to join in fighting ISIS wherever they may be, in Europe and the Middle East.

Number Three, I would also convince President Obama to follow the laws of NATO and support France.

Number four, I would immediately stop all immigration into France.

Number five, I would sweep all neighborhoods were I believe terrorists may be hiding.

Number six, obviously I would be in direct communications with the Kurdish leaders and give them the necessary weapons so they could immediately crush and destroy ISIS.

From my book, page 153:

“Killing is only permissible in self-defense or during a war. These evil, pure evil Muslims are breaking the Ten Commandments and murdering my Christian brothers and sisters and Jews all over Europe.” ( ISIS )

When the righteous rule the people rejoice, when the wicked rule the people groan. Righteous Americans, rise up and demand that our Congress force President Obama to finally start protecting ALL AMERICANS and completely destroy ISIS. 


Marc Alan Urbach is an Orthodox Jew who taught United States History, World History, Economics and Civics for eleven years in the public schools from 2001-2012. Marc has researched the Founding Fathers and era for the past two years for his latest book, “BELIEVE.” It will inspire Americans to fight for true change and present how Jewish principles can fix our “inequality” problem. He states in clear terms how he feels about his Christian brothers and sisters in America and supports the Judeo-Christian and the Christian heritage of our nation. His first book was Heal Our Nation, Save Our World.

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