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Dems show true colors, want Clinton to run even if indicted

Dems show true colors, want Clinton to run even if indicted


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A majority of Democrats responding to a weekend Rasmussen survey want Hillary Clinton to stay in the presidential race even if she is indicted.


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In a stunning revelation, 71 percent of likely voters who identified themselves as Democrats told the Rasmussen survey, published today, that they believe Hillary Rodham Clinton should continue running for the presidency if she is indicted in connection with the use of a private e-mail server while Secretary of State.

Today’s Seattle Times fact-checks some of her statements regarding the e-mail scandal. A fair number of Times readers reacting to the article are convinced she has been dishonest. Continue Reading →

Paris attack, threats against U.S. sharpen focus on gun laws, rights

Topic: Paris attack, threats against U.S. sharpen focus on gun laws, rights


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Paris attack, threats against U.S. sharpen focus on gun laws, rights

Last Friday’s terrorist attack in Paris is putting focus on strict gun laws, according to a report by O’Dwyer’s, a public relations and marketing news agency, this morning, and that follows on yesterday’s report in The New American that questioned whether strict French gun control laws contributed to the slaughter by disarming people.

“Of course,” the New American story said, “common sense should inform us that it is not guns in the hands of the law-abiding, but civilian disarmament, that makes civilians more vulnerable to attack by armed terrorists — including the terrorists who were able to kill or wound nearly 70 people per terrorist on Friday night without interruption in Paris, where Frenchmen are denied the right to keep and bear arms.”

What happened in Paris has put a sharp perspective on the Second Amendment, and how armed citizens at least have the potential of fighting back. As the New American story put it, “Much handwringing and declarations of vengeance emanated from French politicians who appeared to have been caught by surprise. After all, as recently as 2012 those very same politicians enacted even more draconian gun laws in order, they said, to keep this from happening again.”


UPDATE: A new Rasmussen Report Monday morning revealed that a majority of likely U.S. voters are “less confident in their safety here at home than they have ever been,” and that poll was taken during the two days prior to last Friday’s Paris attack.

Rasmussen took the survey last Wednesday and Thursday evenings. The polling agency found that just 33 percent of likely U.S. voters believe this country is safer than it was before the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attack. Fifty-three percent believe the nation is less safe, Rasmussen said.


That’s about the same thing one could say about American gun prohibitionists. The laws they have pushed ostensibly to prevent Chicago-type street crime and mass shootings haven’t worked. And in the aftermath of each new tragedy, these anti-self-defense advocates clamor for even tougher gun laws, putting honest citizens at even a greater disadvantage to criminals, kooks and now, terrorists.

Reuters this morning reported that the Islamic State has threatened to attack countries participating in air strikes against their strongholds in Syria will face retribution. Washington, D.C. was specifically mentioned, the report said.

The District of Columbia still has very restrictive gun laws, despite court victories by the Second Amendment Foundation that have pushed the city to allow handguns in homes for personal protection, and the creation of a carry permit system. But now with O’Dwyer and New American raising the question about gun laws, it isn’t just the so-called “gun lobby” pointing to what now appears to be the dismal failure of gun control in Europe, which domestic anti-gunners wish America would emulate.

Even The Guardian was talking about this situation yesterday, and that’s no mouth organ for American gun rights groups. What happened in Paris has been like a bucket of ice water in the faces of Europeans who thought restrictive gun policies would prevent mass attacks.

Concerns are now being voiced by governors in at least three states, according to this morning’s Washington Post, regarding Syrian refugees. Fox News added that Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal is also raising concerns about refugees in his state.

The habit of America spreading the welcome mat may be facing serious reconsideration with the threat of terrorism on the level of what happened in Paris. The Friday attack may also add momentum to what is already a strong surge of U.S. citizens applying for, or renewing, their carry licenses and permits, and exercising their right to keep and bear arms.


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