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Discovered! Mysterious Inscription Tied to Canaanite Deity Proves King David Existed!

lost-temple TOPIC: Discovered! Mysterious Inscription Tied to Canaanite Deity Proves King David Existed!

TALK SHOW GUEST: Zvi Koenigsberg
A recent report of an excavation team from the Israel Antiquities Authority has discovered an ancient ceramic jar inscribed with the name of a “powerful figure,” dating back to the First Temple Period.

The jar- containing the name Eshba’al Ben Bada,’ written in Canaanite script- was uncovered in Khirbet Qeiyafa, Israel, the place thought to be where the ancient Israelite city of Sha’arayim (repeatedly mentioned in the Old Testament and the Hebrew Bible)- is located.

The name “Eshba’al” references the fourth son of King Saul mentioned in the book of Chronicles in the Old Testament or Hebrew Bible. Eshba’al means, “man of Ba’al” – Ba’al being the Canaanite storm god- and is very unusual because it was rarely used by the ancient Israelites at the time.

Another important implication of the excavation site is that it’s located in the Valley of Elah, an area associated with the famous Biblical battle between David and Goliath. Continue Reading →

New Discoveries advance the hypothesis of “The Lost Temple of Israel”

lost-temple TOPIC: New Discoveries advance the hypothesis of “The Lost Temple of Israel”

TALK SHOW GUEST: Zvi Koenigsberg

The Israeli newspaper Haaretz reported Wednesday that a Tel Aviv University team has now successfully deciphered a series of ostraca, or ancient seals, discovered in the Arad section of Israel south of Jerusalem.

The messages on the seals, written in ancient Hebrew and dated approximately 1,000 years BCE, further buttresses the groundbreaking claims made by Zvi Koenigsberg, author of  “The Lost Temple of Israel as these seals indicate Israeli presence on the land centuries before previously proven.  Continue Reading →

The Lost Temple of Israel

TOPIC: The Lost Temple of Israel
Zvi Koenigsberg

Zvi Koenigsberg wrote the book “The Lost Temple of Israel” as a true account of his involvement in an excavation at Mt. Ebal which was led by Professor Adam Zertal, a sought-after Professor of Archaeology at Haifa University. This excavation led Zvi down a path of archaeological, biblical and historical research that may change the way substantial sections of the Bible are understood.

Zvi became “infected” with the archaeology bug almost from the moment he arrived in Israel. The day after he arrived was the day the Western Wall in Jerusalem was conquered on June 7, 1967, by Israeli paratroopers. His research was mentored by the late Professor Benjamin Mazar, who befriended him, and who shared with him a vast knowledge and understanding. Mazar, a one-time president of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, conducted excavations of the area surrounding the Western Wall. Zvi’s decade of work with Dr. Mazar provided him with an education that transcended the usual classroom experience. Continue Reading →