One Year After Worst Shooting in U.S. History Police Have “No Motive” & Suspect is Walking Free

On October 1, 2017, 58 people were killed and 851 wounded in the worst shooting attack in American history.  The Islamic State said they were going to attack Las Vegas and claimed responsibility for the attack after it happened.

The FBI and the Las Vegas Sheriff still claim they have “no idea” what the motive was for this attack.

Facts on the Table

The Islamic State publicly stated Las Vegas was a target, then claimed credit for the attack, explaining the man founded dead inside his hotel room on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay, Stephen Paddock, converted to Islam a few months prior and was a “soldier of the caliphate.”

UTT’s analysis of the facts as we know them today reveal:  Paddock conducted pre-operational surveillance on several targets before settling on Las Vegas; Paddock initiated the assault prior to his planned time because his preparations were interrupted by a security guard, making it more likely more shooters were going to join him since there were many guns and two shooting portals in the two separate rooms on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay rented by Paddock; the Las Vegas Sheriff revealed Paddock left no suicide note, and all other evidence points to the fact Paddock intended to escape after the attack; and because the Islamic State has never claimed an attack in the West in the manner they did for this attack – and claimed it 4 times – when they were not responsible.

Then there is the curious case of Australian Brian Hodge, a left-wing activist who currently resides in Los Angeles, California.

By his own admission, Hodge was inside one of the two rooms rented by Paddock, and on the 32nd floor during the shooting.  Hodge told reporters he hid in bushes outside the Mandalay Bay for “three and a half hours” when in fact the shooting was over in approximately 20 minutes and Hodge was ten miles away shortly after the shooting.

Hodge ended up being at a motel in Las Vegas (Knotty Pine) with three individuals from an area in Mexico with high Islamic State activity.  Coincidence?

Then from October 2-4, Hodge traveled to New Mexico and spent time in a restaurant owned by a Turk who is on a Watchlist and hails from an area in Turkey with high Islamic State activity.  Oddly, the restaurant owner has gone silent on his social media since a few days after the attack.

Posing for what appears to be a “trophy” photo, Brian Hodge stands outside the Mandalay Bay after the worst shooting in U.S. history in Las Vegas, Nevada

Notably, several people have now written about Brian Hodge being a suspect in this attack, yet Hodge has made no effort to clear his name or set the record straight.

Hodge has also not responded to UTT’s requests for an interview.

Since the worst shooting attack in American history, there have been no Congressional hearings, the FBI and the Las Vegas Sheriff’s Office never looked as the Islamic State as a possible suspect in this attack, and over 900 Americans are dead/wounded without even a hint authorities have any desire to get these questions answered.

Worst case scenario – this was the first joint Islamic State/Antifa attack in the United States.

What can you do?  Ensure your sheriff’s office and local police department understand the Islamic threat, specifically, the Muslim Brotherhood network, their modus operandi, and sharia (their doctrine), because knowing this information radically changes how police do their jobs on a day to day basis regarding attacks such as this.

New Mexico AG Sues Google & Twitter Over Privacy as Marxists Move to Takeover U.S. Education

Hector Balderas, New Mexico’s Attorney General, is suing Tiny Lab Productions – a mobile game developer – as well as Google, Twitter and other tech companies, for allegedly violating federal and state children’s privacy laws.

It is alleged that Tiny Lab is being used to obtain personal data from children and that Google, Twitter, and other companies facilitate the data transfer.

This case brings to light a much broader power grab in the war against the Marxist Movement in the United States, which seeks to impose United Nations educational mandates on U.S. children, while violating federal privacy laws to collect data and manipulate how American children are educated.

The Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA – 1998) imposes certain requirements on online operators of websites/services collecting personal information of children 13 years old or younger.

U.S. public school education is rapidly and intentionally being pushed through online curricula and programing which (1) illegally collects data from the children using the system in violation of federal privacy laws to protect children (COPPA) and (2) draws students away from an understanding of America’s founding principles, system of government, and free market economy to one in which students are taught they are individual workers in a global community/economy who happen to live in the United States.

States are creating curriculum using OER (Open Education Resources) in which no entity controls what information is uploaded and made available.  OER is a term coined by the United Nations Education Division (UNESCO) in 2002.

In Texas, for instance, State law allows the Texas Permanent Education Fund to be used for this type of online curriculum thus bypassing the State Board of Education.

The Research Manual from 1994 is a compilation of study and research conducted by professionals to expose what the real agenda is to this quiet takeover of U.S. public education.

Under the Every Student Succeeds Act (Pre-school through workplace), all students, to include trainees for trade professions, are mandated to have certain curriculum designed to influence values, beliefs, and behaviors.    Today, technology is the access point to these students – both children and adults.

Under President Obama:

2009 – all 50 states received money from the federal government to upgrade online systems for education.

2012 – the President changed the regulations regarding the Federal Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) to state children’s private data can be collected without parental consent for the sake of “educational purposes.”  This opened the door to companies like Microsoft and Google to the personal information, online data and history, and other online info of American children in order to create data, apps, and online curriculum to influence/control how children form their worldview.

2014 – Congress passed Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) which binds education under the Departments of Labor, Health & Human Services, Defense, and Education.  Therefore, even if the Department of Education were completely eliminated, federal monies would still flow to states through federal governmental departments regarding educational matters.

2015 – Congress passed the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), which codifies the Common Core College and Career Readiness Standards.  Therefore, for a state to accept the WIOA funds, they must comply with teaching the College and Career Readiness Standards at all levels, from kindergarten through high school and into the workforce training/trade programs.  This is not only institutionalizing Marxist ideology, but influencing children and citizens at numerous levels, and collecting data on everyone using the system, including children, in violation of federal law.

At the state level, states are passing legislation that mandates ESSA standards through online adaptive learning assessments and instruction.  The outcome:  teachers are, in many ways, removed from the teaching and testing process in favor of online standards.

In short, U.S. public school education is rapidly and intentionally being pushed through online curricula and programing which (1) illegally collects data from the children using the system in violation of federal privacy laws to protect children (COPPA) and (2) draws students away from an understanding of America’s founding principles, system of government, and free market economy to one in which students are taught they are individual workers in a global community/economy who happen to live in the United States.

What has been briefly described in this article is nothing short of the coordinated Marxist takeover of U.S. education, and a surrendering of our privacy as citizens.

In this war, Americans must (1) speak truth boldly about the threats we face from the Marxist and Islamic Movements, and (2) take back our education system at the local level.  Citizens must be intimately involved in the local elementary, junior high, and high school curricula, get involved in who sits on the local school board, and ensure our children are protected and learning truth about America’s founding.

Pedophiles Do Not Get to Hide Behind “Religious Freedom”

American are always justifiably horrified when those in authority over children grossly abuse their positions and mistreat the children.  The sex abuse scandal by some Catholic Priests is a recent example.

But where is the outrage about the accepted and lawful practice of pedophilia in Islam?   Perhaps Americans are not shocked because they are unaware that sharia (Islamic law), which is the law muslims are required to follow under penalty of death, allows muslim men to marry young girls.

Why?  Because Islam’s prophet Mohammad is the al Insan al Kamil – the perfect example of a man – in Islam and he married a six (6) year old (Aisha) and consummated the relationship when she was nine (9).

“Ye have indeed in the Messenger of Allah a beautiful pattern of conduct for any one whose hope is in Allah and the Final Day, and who engages much in the Praise of Allah.”

Koran 33:21

The Prophet engaged me (Aisha) when I was a girl of six years…Unexpectedly Allah’s Apostle came to me in the forenoon and my mother handed me over to him, and at that time I was a girl of nine years of age.”  (Bukhari volume 5, book 8, hadith 234, narrated by Aisha)

Mohammad is the perfect example, therefore, it is a capital crime in Islam to suggest any of his behavior is wrong.  Unfortunately, in the United States an adult male marrying a six or seven year old is illegal and we put people in jail for it.

This is one glaring place where sharia and U.S. law contradict at the ground level, and why sharia cannot be tolerated.

For muslims and their collaborators  to defend pedophilia under the guise of  “religious freedom” is disgusting and absurd on the face of it.

U.S. Islamic school texts teach “Islam is not a religion, however, but a complete way of life,” which is odd since Islamic leaders in America demand religious accommodations based on the fact Islam is a religion.  If this is true, why do Islamic schools teach 12 year olds Islam is not a religion?

U.S. Islamic school texts also teach “The law of the land is the sharia of Allah…Anyone who dies in jihad automatically goes to paradise..The duty of Muslim citizens is to be loyal to the Islamic State.”

America was founded on one primary principle: our liberty comes from God.  “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.”

No man nor government has the right to take our liberty from us because God gave us these rights.  We have a duty and an obligation to defend them.

America is the longest standing Constitutional Republic in the history of the world! We need to fight for it!

If we truly love all people, then we have duty to defend innocent muslim children from predatory behavior that is accepted and lawful under sharia.  This is abuse at so many levels inside the Islamic community.

Encourage people to Understand the Threat.

If you can take time to explain that Islam is the problem, you might be surprised and they might open the door to engage in a conversation.

Share UTT’s Research and Resources page and encourage other to follow UTT.  We must work to get others to understand Islam/sharia is the threat.

The most important thing we can do is speak truth boldly in love about real threats.

Join us at Understanding the Threat as we put FREEDOM back on the offensive where it belongs.

The Battle is Joined As America’s Quiet Civil War Comes to a Head

Congresswoman Maxine Waters has again openly threatened President Donald Trump as America’s Second Civil War appears to be coming to a decisive head.

Speaking at a public event Congresswoman Waters said, “There are those who say, ‘What if we get rid of him?  Then we’ve got that Vice President and he’ll be worse.’  I say knock off the first one and then go after the second one.”

Less than a week ago Republican candidate for U.S. Congress (CA) Rudy Peters was attacked by a knife wielding Marxist (democrat) named Farzad Fazeli.

In June 2017, House Majority Whip Steve Scalise was shot by a Marxist (democrat) at a ball field in Alexandria, Virginia.  The assailant was killed after a ten (10) minute gun battle with police.  A report published by the Commonwealth’s attorney for Alexandria stated:  The assailant was “fueled by rage against Republican legislators” and “decided to commit an act of terrorism.”

In other news, the evidence continues to pour in revealing the most senior FBI officials knowingly filed an application to the FISA Court with critical information omitted and incorrect information knowingly included as a part of a concerted effort to unlawfully use agencies of the federal government – FBI & CIA – to spy on U.S. citizens in a broader effort to remove the duly elected President of the United States from office.

Hamas jihadi Linda Sarsour, also the leader of the “Women’s March” is openly calling for “JIHAD” against President Trump.

Former Director of Central Intelligence John Brennan and former President Barack Obama – both of whom have provided direct aid and comfort to enemies of the United States – openly work daily to thwart the best interests of the American people, our national security and against the President himself.

As has just been reported, former Secretary of State and Vietnam War era traitor John Kerry is doing what is consistent with his history – working directly with enemies of the U.S. (Iran) to undermine U.S. foreign policy and destabilize U.S. national security.

Then there are local and state officials defying the Constitution’s Supremacy Clause.  Their “sanctuary” cities are nothing more than havens for criminals, endangering citizens and violating federal law.

If these intentional actions do not amount to Treason, a concerted war against liberty and the people of the United States, our national security, and the Republic itself, it is hard to imagine what would be.

President Trump must take drastic and radical action, to include purging all major government entities and agencies of Obama holdovers and socialist Republicans, if a successful outcome – victory – is to be achieved at the federal level.

This war for liberty and the survival of the Republic hinges on the efforts of the American people at the LOCAL level.  The war will be won at the local level through intense actions by local citizens who get themselves, their local police and local officials trained and prepared.

It is September 1, 1939, and we are in Warsaw, Poland.

The good news is that the war is in front of us, and thankfully many Americans are aware of the many threats we face.  But this war requires two very important things from Patriots:  1) bold truth must be spoken about the threats we face AND about the founding principles that hold this Republic together:  “…the Law of Nature and Nature’s God”; and (2) a strict adherence to the just laws of this nation by Patriots.  The enemy – both the Marxists and the Jihadis – needs us to lash out at them to give them the flash point they are looking for.  We will not give that to them.  We will fight smarter and with more savvy.

As Americans are seeing, the Marxists and Jihadis cannot help but overplay their hands, and are visibly losing their minds.

Shore up your neighborhood’s and local areas.  Understand the Threat.  Get organized and take the fight to the enemy so we can put freedom back on the offensive where it belongs.

As always, UTT stands ready to assist.

“Never Forget” is More Than a Pretty Picture

Every year since the Islamic jihadi attacks on the United States on 9/11/01, Americans remember the 3,000 victims, reflect on 9/11 with beautiful tributes to the victims lives, and support our military with a zeal of patriotic passion.  After 9/11/01, citizens vowed to protect our republic with the battle cry  “Never Forget.”

Today, two days after this year’s 9/11 tributes, have you forgotten?

Did you wake up as dedicated as you were on 9/11/18 to protecting our nation?  Have you thought about the war we are in today with the fervor to fight for our county the way you felt on 9/12/01?

As a nation, it seems we’ve forgotten the true evil of that incomprehensible day.

The evil that tried – and continues to try – to destroy our Republic manifests itself in the form of people who subscribed to “sharia.”

On this anniversary 9/11/18, the leader of Al Qaeda, Ayman al-Zawahiri, told Muslims around the world they must declare war on the United States.  100% of our Islamic enemy states they are Muslims waging jihad to establish an Islamic State (caliphate) under sharia (Islamic law).

The 9/11 Commission Report was issued in 2004, and in it the word JIHAD was used 126 times, the word MUSLIM 145 times, and the word ISLAM 322 times.

The Muslim Brotherhood – in the form of the Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC) wrote a letter to the Chairman of the 9/11 Commission which said, in part: “Terminology is important in defining our goals as well as removing roadblocks into hearts and minds.  The 9/11 Commission identifies Islamist terrorism as the threat.  The Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC) recommends that the U.S. government find other terminology.”

MPAC/Muslim Brotherhood/jihadi organizations worked to remove all language from U.S. government documents and agencies which actually defines the enemy.  How can you defeat an enemy you cannot define?  You simply cannot hit the bullseye without a target.

Muslims use the Koran as their guide, “Fight and slay the unbeliever wherever you find them, capture and besiege them,  and lie in wait for them in each and every ambush (strategem of war).” (Koran 9:5)

When we use the same books and language to define our enemy as they use to define themselves, we find a coherent and consistent message that reveals that neither Al Qaeda nor The Islamic State have been incorrect about the requirements of muslims in Islam under sharia.

Let’s do more than talk about architectural design and the twisted metal of the World Trade Center.

Before the next 9/11 memorial,  Understanding the Threat (UTT) challenges Americans to study and learn about Sharia.  Learn about our enemy and understand how they are destroying us from within.  Use UTT’s resources.  Bring UTT in to speak to your churches, police department or civic groups.

Honoring the dead of 9/11 is important, and it is the right thing to do, but the memorials cannot be a masquerade that shields us from our responsibilities as citizens.

Americans must devote their strengths and talents in defense of our nation every day.

It’s your duty as citizens of this great nation to honor those we lost in 9/11, as well as all the men and women killed and wounded on battlefields around the world.

“NEVER FORGET” we are fighting for our liberty.

Americans Will Win This War In the Shadows of the Heroes of Flight 93

On 9/11/2001, the U.S. Government failed to protect America, and Islamic jihadis flew planes into two World Trade Center buildings in New York (American Airlines flight 11 and United Airlines flight 175) and the Pentagon in Arlington, Virginia (American Airlines flight 77) killing nearly 3,000 people.

But on United Airlines flight 93, average American citizens demonstrated leadership, courage, and initiative and gave the last full measure of devotion to this nation by ensuring that airplane would not be used to do the kind of devastation we saw in New York and Arlington.

And so it is today.  Citizens will win or lose this war at the local level.

It is 2018.  Contrary to U.S. warfighting doctrine, the United States government has still not identified the “enemy” we face in this war.  You cannot hit the bullseye if there is no target.

Since 9/11, 159 Americans have been killed and 502 wounded in 71 jihadi attacks perpetrated by muslims in 24 different states inside America.

Texas leads the nations with eight (8) separate attacks.

Fifteen (15) of the nineteen (19) Islamic jihadis who attacked America on 9/11 were from Saudi Arabia.  Evidence exists revealing Saudi intelligence operatives conducted a “dry run” for the 9/11 attacks one year prior to 9/11/01, and the Saudi Ambassador to the United States – Prince Bandar – and his wife passed money to an account used to support 9/11 hijackers.

Yet, the United States government calls Saudi Arabia an “ally” in the “War on Terror.”

Pakistani Intelligence helped move Al Qaeda personnel on the ground in Pakistan and Afghanistan after the 9/11 attacks, and Osama bin Laden lived for years in Pakistan less than a mile from the Pakistani Military Academy.

Yet, the United States government calls Pakistan and “ally” in the “War on Terror.”

U.S. military generals, State Department officials, National Security advisors, and directors of U.S. intelligence agencies continue to rely upon Islamic “coalition partners” and Islamic advisors to tell them how to fight the war.

We LOST the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, and it is not because our military soldiers, Marines, sailors, and airmen failed to do their jobs – it is because our generals/admirals and civilian leaders failed and continue to fail to Understand the Threat and identify the enemy.

Al Qaeda, the Islamic State, Boko Haram, Al Shabaab, Hizbollah, Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Abu Sayef, the Muslim Brotherhood, Hizb u Tahrir, Jamaat e Islami, Tabligi Jamaat, and all Islamic nations on the planet under the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) clearly state they intend to establish an Islamic State (caliphate) under sharia (Islamic law) through all means necessary.

The enemy very clearly makes their intentions known.  The enemy is not the problem.  Our leaders are the problem.

U.S. leadership has failed and continues to fail America and Americans are dead because of it – nearly 700 killed or wounded since 9/11 here at home.

President Trump stands virtually alone in this administration as someone who has some semblance of an understanding Islam is the problem and sharia is the threat doctrine of our enemy.

Because of all of this, this war will be won or lost at the local level.

Here is what citizens must do if America is to win this war:

  1. Know and understand sharia.  Speak truth boldly.
  2. Organize citizens who understand the threat into small teams to focus their efforts on educating and activating:  police; prosecutors and judges; legislators; pastors/rabbis; school officials; business leaders (chamber of commerce); and local politicians.
  3. Give each team simple focused tasks.
  4. POLICE:  Give a copy of the book Raising a Jihadi Generation and the UTT Episode 1 DVD to your local police chief and sheriff.  Encourage your local police chief and sheriff to bring the UTT’s 3-day “Understanding and Investigating the Jihadi Network” course to their jurisdiction.  This is the only program of its kind in the U.S. which gives police tools to map out, investigate and prosecute the jihadi network in your community.
  5. PROSECUTORS/JUDGES:  Share UTT information with prosecutors and judges you know, and encourage them to host a UTT training.  If able, show them examples of the jihadi network in their city/county and how they operate – ie they (suit-wearing jihadis) portray themselves as helpful and friendly yet still have the same objectives as Al Qaeda.
  6. LEGISLATORS:  Work with patriots involved with legislative efforts at your state house to increase the strength of state Racketeering statutes and increase the list of predicate crimes to include “Terrorism.”  Work to make “Conspiring to overthrow the state constitution” a state felony in your state.
  7. PASTORS/RABBIS:  Educate local church leaders, including pastors, about the threat of Islam and encourage them to cease all “Interfaith Outreach” as it is today, since all U.S. interfaith outreach efforts are driven by the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood via the International Institute of Islamic Thought (IIIT), the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), the Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA), and the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR).
  8. SCHOOL OFFICIALS:  Firmly ensure Islam is not being taught in your local schools, nor are children compelled to openly state the shahada (Islamic statement of faith).  Work with organizations like to ensure social studies and history books are actually teaching historical facts not revisionist history.  Ensure the school board, principles, PTA leaders and others are aware that the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) is a front for the terrorist group Hamas, and has no place in any discussions or activities dealing with American school children.  See “CAIR is Hamas” document here.  DO teach children about America’s founding principles, specifically, “The law of nature and nature’s God” and what that legally means and how it relates to the foundation of U.S. law and government.
  9. BUSINESS LEADERS:  Identify key patriotic business leaders in the community, and educate them on the threat (once you understand it!).  Have team members ready to publicly call for boycotts and participate in public protests outside businesses who support jihadi organizations domestically or overseas.  Work to promote courageous men and women who understand the threat to be a part of your local chamber of commerce.
  10. LOCAL ELECTED OFFICIALS:  Mayors, city council members, and other local officials who are open-minded and able to hear and receive facts and truth should be engaged and taught about the threat of the Islamic Movement in the United States and your local area.  These officials should be be encouraged to know this threat and act accordingly in the day to day disposition of their duties as community leaders.  They should know they will be held accountable, and the team working with them should consistently be giving them positive or negative feedback based on their actions.

In all of this, local leaders should know your teams will stand with them through all of this if they do the right thing and speak truth.  There does not need to be a public proclamation by all these officials that they understand the threat.  Many will get much more done by quietly shutting the doors to the jihadis that have been open to them for so long.

The most important thing is the know the threat first before you ever decide to act.  When you act you must have a reasonable understanding of how the jihadis will respond so you will be prepared to counter-act them accordingly.

On 9/11/01, American citizens on United Airlines flight 93 took charge and won the day by ensuring a greater tragedy did not take place.  They gave their lives for all of us, as have thousands of American warriors on battlefields across the world.

Will you stand up and do your duty now?

U.S. Generals Refuse to Identify Islam as the Threat = Another Dead Soldier

It is September 2018 and nowhere in the U.S. military – not at any boot camp, nor officer training, nor war college, nor service academy, nor at any other training inside the U.S. military – are our warriors being taught Islam is the threat and sharia is the enemy’s warfighting doctrine.

U.S. warfighting doctrine requires military professionals to begin any analysis of a threat with WHO the enemy says they are and WHY they say they are fighting.  Since 9/11/01, the United States government has failed to do this.

Yet, 100% of the enemy we face – to include Al Qaeda, the Islamic State, Hamas, Hizbollah, the Muslim Brotherhood, all Islamic nations who are a party to the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), and all of the jihadis who have been killed or captured on the battlefields of Afghanistan and Iraq as well as on the streets of Europe and America – say they are “muslims waging jihad to establish an Islamic State under sharia (Islamic law).”

Islamic schools in the United States teach the same Islamic doctrine Al Qaeda and the Islamic State teach.  UTT challenges any military general to demonstrate where Al Qaeda or the Islamic State has misquoted Islamic law in furtherance of their actions.

As a matter of fact, several years ago at an event in Washington, D.C. UTT’s President John Guandolo was able to make this point to a 4-star general who agreed that knowing sharia “completely changes the nature of how we are fighting this war.”

Yet, no major strategic change took place anywhere in the military.

Our generals are too busy apologizing for our military (General John Allen), or condemning a U.S. citizen for burning a book (General David Petraeus).  If they spent more time teaching their troops what sharia is and what it says about warfighting – ie doing their jobs – we would have brought more troops home alive from Iraq and Afghanistan, and killed more of the enemy.

This happens to be the most frequent comment UTT receives from members of the military after participating in our 3-day training program.  They are furious when they realize that knowing sharia BEFORE they deployed would actually have saved lives and changed the way U.S. forces could have tactically fought battles.

On Labor Day 2018, America lost another good man.  Command Sergeant Major Timothy Bolyard was killed by an Afghan police officer.  A recipient of six (6) bronze star medals and a West Virginia native, Bolyard’s men praised him and were grateful for his leadership.

U.S. Army Command Sergeant Major Timothy Bolyard

But Sergeant Major Bolyard, like thousands of other American fighting men, are no longer with us because America’s military leaders have failed to speak the truth about the nature of the war in which we have been engaged for nearly 17 years now.

The muslim Afghan police officer who killed Sergeant Major Bolyard acted lawfully under sharia.  Do our generals know this?  Should they know this?

Do our generals know that many of their muslim “advisors” adhere to sharia which obliges them to lie to non-muslims?  Should our generals know this?

Do criminal negligence laws pertain to generals who fail to know basic information about the enemy – which they are legally bound to know – which then leads to the deaths of American troops?

Jihadi Training Camps Have Been in America for 40 Years

The discovery of a “terrorist training camp” in New Mexico run by Siraj Wahhaj Jr., whose father was a character witness for the Blind Sheikh and an unindicted co-conspirator in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, should not come as a surprise to anyone.

  1. It is logical that a jihadi would raise a jihadi son.
  2. Jihadi training camps have been in the United States for nearly 40 years, and despite the fact government officials have been aware of them, they have done little to shut them down.

Muslim Brotherhood Training Camps

When the archives of the Muslim Brotherhood were discovered in an FBI raid in Annandale, Virginia in 2004, one of the most important discoveries was an audio recording of a senior U.S. Muslim Brotherhood leader – Zeid al Noman – speaking with Muslim Brothers in Missouri in 1981.

In response to a question, al Noman tells the audience the Muslim Brotherhood has weapons training camps in the United States.

“If the asking brother is from Jordan, for instance, he would know that it is not possible to have military training in Jordan, for instance, while here in America, there is weapons training in many of the Ikhwan’s (Muslim Brotherhood) camps…in Oklahoma they started to be strict about letting Muslims use the camps.  They would ask them, for instance, to submit their name and they would ask you to bring an ID or something to prove your name…the police came asking each person to show his ID or even his visa. These harassments exist then in the state of Oklahoma…In some of the regions when they go to a camp, they take two things, they would request a camp which has a range, a shooting range and one which has a range to shoot, one which has a range which they use for shooting.”

For the full transcript of Zeid al Noman’s discussion with Muslim Brothers in Missouri in 1981 click here.

Jamaat al Fuqra/Muslims of America Training Camps

Jamaat al Fuqra is a terrorist organization based in Pakistan, which also has at least two dozen jihadi training camps in the United States.  In the U.S. Jamaat al Fuqra is known as “Muslims of America” and is headquartered in Hancock, New York.

The mission of Jamaat al Fuqra, per its founder Sheikh Mubarak Gilani, is to “purify Islam through violence.”

In the United States Muslims of America have been responsible for bombings, assassinations, and other acts of terrorism.

In 1991, Colorado officials were forced to put a task force together to raid a Jamaat al Fuqra terrorist camp in Buena Vista (CO) because the FBI refused to get involved.  When the compound and other locations were raided, officials found weapons, explosives, assassination lists, and evidence that military installations in Colorado and Wyoming were under pre-attack surveillance.

See the video on this incident here.

We know the Muslim Brotherhood has operated terrorist (jihadi) training camps since at least 1981, and we know Jamaat al Fuqra has at least two dozen terrorist (jihadi) training camps operating right now in America.

These camps will not  be shut down by the FBI, but by diligent and educated local police and sheriff’s offices who understand the threat and decide to protect their communities.

UTT stands ready to train police to understand the threat and dismantle these networks at the local level.

Mall Security & Police Enforce Sharia in Minneapolis

In Bloomington, Minnesota – Hennepin County – sharia is being enforced by police and mall security at the Mall of America.  To UTT followers, this is not surprising.

This time, however, a Christian pastor was arrested and told he was “Not permitted to discuss religion in the Mall.”

Welcome to Minneapolistan.

Pastor Ramin Parsa

The pastor, Ramin Parsa, is a former muslim from an Iranian background who converted to Christianity.  Parsa provided comments to Third Rail Talk.

See and hear the full interview here.

The following is a transcript of that interview: interviewed California based Pastor Ramin Parsa on August 27th and discovered that while visiting Minnesota last week for his three day visit, and congregation presentation earlier on Saturday, Pastor Parsa was invited by his host to visit the Mall of America, for an enjoyable stroll and coffee, and for his first time in one of Minnesota’s most renowned iconic attractions.

While at the Mall, Pastor Parsa struck up a mutually enjoyable conversation with a couple of young Somali women, who appeared to be delighted to visit with he and his local host pastor.

Hearing his Iranian accent, that they were intrigued. As a result, they asked him where he was from, and hearing that he was born and raised in Iran, and into the Muslim community there, they inquired as to whether he was a practicing Muslim. He replied, no, and indicated that he had converted to Christianity years ago and paid a dear price (torture, and even hard-core and harsh interrogations, and ministry harassment) for his commitment to the Christian church, and the teachings of Jesus Christ…all due to his Christian conversion, he further replied to the interested women.

The young Somali women wanted to know more, and asked him additional questions, and appeared to be enjoying the conversation.

One Somali woman however, who was initially listening to the exchange from a distance, approached the group conversation, objected loudly, and chastised Pastor Parsa, the other pastor, as well as the Somali women, and demanded of the women, that they “not listen to this man”, and directed Pastor Parsa harshly to leave the Somali women alone. Pastor simply suggested to the clearly distraught Somali woman, that the two women were simply asking questions respectfully, and asking for some answers from him, which he was pleased to provide.

Sharia-adherent Somali women in Minneapolis

In their own language, they began to fight verbally amongst themselves, until the hostile female Somali intruder to the conversation departed – temporarily that is.

Per their request, Pastor Parsa continued to share more of his interesting life story and to explain to them why he has left Islam and why he is now a Christian Pastor, and some cursory details relating to his ministry. The conversation and exchange continued to be mutually pleasant and was apparently pleasing for the two women, and well the two pastors, as well as the fourteen-year-old son of the Minnesota based pastor.

The obviously angry Somali woman who was nearby still, overheard more of the conversation and left the area to falsely report this gathering and discussion to the nearby Mall of America Security officer, as a threat, and as “harassment.” The two Somali women engaged in the conversation with Pastor Parsa and his Minnesota host, actually spoke up in defense of Pastor Parsa, and indicated clearly to the Mall officer, that “they were just talking”.

The MOA “security officer” ignored the plea of the two Somali women, in defense of the pastors, and then told the pastors that they were “not permitted to discuss religion in the Mall” and demanded that they stop, or they would be escorted out of the Mall immediately, or they “would be arrested for soliciting and Illegal Trespass” for ignoring HIS order to cease.

The three visitors to the Mall said their goodbye’s, thanked the ladies for the time spent, and left for a nearby coffee shop, where they ordered their beverages.

While they took part in their intended pleasant post presentation (scheduled Saturday afternoon church and congregation seminar) discussion over coffee, they took notice of the “security officer” continuing to stand outside of the Starbucks Coffee location. The Somali women were nowhere in sight.

As an aside, but an important footnote, because Pastor Parsa’s presentation at the church was widely publicized, there were repeated threats and implied threats, directed toward the church, and Pastor Parsa himself prior to the event that Saturday.

When they exited the café, they were met by the original “security officer”, and now, accompanied by two more so-called MOA “security officers”, who had obviously been called to the scene, in spite of the fact, that the two Pastors had already complied with the “security officers” request to “break it up”, and stop (in their words—“soliciting”), long after the original exchange between all parties had ended completely.

In short, whatever perceived infraction of the unwritten “MOA rules of conduct” by visitors or patrons of the MALL, which might have been troubling the “security officer” the entire situation was over by at least a half hour or longer, per an exit initiated by the Pastor(s) and the fourteen year-old young man, and son of the Minnesota pastor, having left the scene as instructed.

The “security officers” were simply laying in wait for the threesome to exit Starbucks café, and to continue their extra-legal assault upon this visiting guest to Minnesota, and Christian Pastor.

“Security” (for whom?) now demanded that Pastor Parsa leave the MOA “immediately” or be arrested. Naturally, he responded by asking a respectful question as to “Why now”? “What have I done now?

He inquired as to what he had done this time to warrant such treatment and referenced all of the above in his defense. By his own admission to me, he was stunned, and expressed his astonishment in his own low-key Christian pastor manner.

Please keep in mind that this soft-spoken young man, during his short life on earth, had already been “tortured”, “abused” and “harassed”, in a similar totalitarian and fascist fashion, in his home country of Iran, as well as in Turkey. This is an important fact to know about this good, decent, Christian man..

Frankly readers, I would not have done as well under the same circumstances. This is not the old Soviet Union—and KGB, Castro’s Cuba, or the Hugo Chavez controlled Venezuela either. This is still the United States of America, and we actually do have a Bill of Rights, even on “private property” like the Mall of America.

There is also a prickly little thing called “due process”, but I will get to that a bit later on in my commentary.

As a reward for his righteously questioning the—now—THREE “MOA “security officers”, clearly picking a fight with this visitor to Minnesota, they handcuffed Pastor Parsa behind his back, and hauled him of to, what I can only describe as “MOA Jail”, while passers-by, who were witnessing this outrage, and mostly children chanting and pointing at him in a humiliating fashion, and loudly exclaiming that “he is being arrested because he is a Christian”.

Again, This is not the old Soviet Union—and KGB, Castro’s Cuba, or the Hugo Chavez controlled Venezuela either. This is still the United States of America, and we actually do have a Bill of Rights, even on “private property” like the Mall of America.

He was literally, delivered to an interrogation room (much like per his experience in Turkey and Iran) in the sub-basement of the MOA—handcuffed to a steel chair—which was bolted to the floor—for the next two-plus hours of his life, and detained him for hours while he was harassed.

He was denied the water he requested until the end of the ordeal, when Bloomington MN PD was expected to arrive—denied his requested restroom break until the end, and Bloomington MN PD was expected to arrive—being badgered by officers, attempting to barter “water for a demanded photograph of him”, (which he refused)—denied a phone call—denied a requested attorney—denied a request for his “Miranda rights” to be read to him (This also happened when he requested his rights to be read to him by the Bloomington PD as well later)—continually denied him the right to know, per his repeated request, to know what he had actually done to violate any “law” or written MOA security policy, and for hours before they actually called the Bloomington MN Police Department personnel, for them to in turn, take him into custody again, for “booking and processing”.

For proper emphasis, he was taken to a room where MOA Security handcuffed him to a metal chair for over 2 hours. They repeatedly kept trying to take his picture as he kept refusing to allow his picture to be taken.

When he asked for water, they refused to give him water and tried to get him to agree to have his picture taken in exchange for water.

He asked to go to the bathroom, and even that was denied to him as well. He asked if he can use his phone to call his friends and get a lawyer, but MOA Security wouldn’t allow that either.

Finally the conceded and let him have some water. They tried to take a picture of him against his will and he covered his face.

If you think this is bad, please strap on your Minnesota citizen, and United States citizen seat-belt, and wait for it..

At some point a Bloomington Police Officer came to the Mall and took pastor Parsa, handcuffed him once again from behind, and placed Pastor Parsa into his BPD police cruiser.

He was then taken to the Bloomington Police Department, booked, given a citation—to appear “personally” back in front of a Hennepin County Judge Minnesota—sometime into the future, and released on a $78 bail.

According to pastor Parsa, the BPD officer never inquired as to what was the reason for the arrest in the first place (a copy of the complete report will be requested shortly).

The Mall of America has banned pastor Parsa for 6 months from its premises, including the hotels, and he is now awaiting a court date, and again, to appear personally in front of a Minnesota Court soon.

This also would suggest, that Pastor Parsa is due to return back to Minnesota, from his California Home (and Church), at his own time and expense, in order to have appear before a Minnesota Judge, and explain the inexplicable to an individual he has never met, and a set of circumstances, which Rod Serling, Stephen King, Tom Clancy, nor Alfred Hitchcock could conger up.

Pastor Parsa was charged with “Criminal Trespassing” trespassing as per Bloomington City Code Sections 12.07-12.12

Upon hearing this story we were shell shocked, embarrassed for our State of Minnesota and its good people here, and horrified!

Having verified every detail of this story—possible to verify without ALL MOA surveillance tapes (to be requested shortly—and per legal action) we went to the Mall of America immediately to film a segment about the detention of pastor Parsa.

Our production crew arrived at different times and we were likewise, threatened with arrest SEPARATELY in two different areas of the MOA, for simply knocking on the door of the “MOA security office” (supposedly a “restricted area” not marked as such—and per the directions provided by an on-sight Bloomington Minnesota plain clothes police officer—and another MOA employee), only to ask a few respectful questions for our “investigative report”, and for doing absolutely nothing else.
For setting up a camera tripod outside of Starbuck’s café, just to secure a few video images, of the “scene of the crime” as it were. Their “security officer” claim? “Per MOA rules, “You are not allowed to take photographs in the MOA.”

Item number 2, in particular, should come as a big surprise to every patron, shopper, and out-of-town visitor especially, to the Mall of America; armed with a cell phone—and cameras, and routinely taking photographs, and creating videos—and still pictures constantly throughout the entire Mall, and amusement park area, each and every day of the week—seven days per week—and each of the 365 days per year, when the Mall is open for business. ..I guess the rules—ALL OF THEIR RULES, only apply to a “special group of people” and not everyone these days in Minnesota.

Osama bin Laden told the world Al Qaeda does what it does because it is a command from Allah to impose sharia on the earth and establish a global Islamic state (caliphate).  The Islamic State says the same thing as do all jihadis we have killed or captured on the battlefields of Afghanistan, Iraq, Europe, and the United States.

The most authoritative Islamic legal scholars all agree sharia must be imposed on all people of the earth, and that is why text books in U.S. Islamic schools teach 12 year olds the same thing.

Last week in Minneapolis at the “Super Eid” gathering at the U.S. Bank Stadium muslims openly said they intend to “colonize” Minnesota and make it an Islamic state under sharia.

They are apparently well along in this plan and the leaders in Minneapolis appear to be doing nothing about it.

The Diminishing Choices for Americans

Eleven years ago I sat in the FBI Washington Field Office with the Special Agent in Charge (SAC) of the Counterterrorism Division and one other agent.  I asked the SAC what she would do when the average American came to a deeper understanding of the Islamic threat than agents in the CT Division, and then those Americans, realizing they were left to fend for themselves, took matters into their own hands.

She froze, turned slightly pale, and told me she never thought about it before.  I had…a lot.

Today, America stands at that place.

Al Qaeda financier Abdurahman Alamoudi, in federal prison, was President Clinton’s Islamic Advisor

Al Qaeda financier Abdurahman  Alamoudi, in federal prison, created the Muslim Chaplain Program for the Department of Defense

The U.S. Islamic jihadi leadership displays gross animus towards America.  Islamic leaders:  openly call for jihad against our President; build weapons training camps for children to learn how to kill people in schools and hospitals knowing judges will let them walk; publicly call for the holocaust of all Jews and then feign shock and surprise when their comments make it into the public realm; teach jihad in Islamic elementary schools then sue the county school board if citizens dare protest; and on it goes.

Hillary Clinton’s closest advisor, Huma Abedin, is deeply entrenched in the U.S. jihadi network

In response to this, the Marxist party of America – Democrats – defend, support, and collaborate with these enemies while the U.S. Department of Justice sits on its hands.

Colleagues in the Counter-Jihad movement are threatened with death from sharia-adherent muslims (jihadis) while police and the FBI not only do nothing, they threaten the victims for daring to point the finger at muslims, despite facts and evidence.

Thousands of Americans are dead, killed by sharia-adherent muslims in places like Arlington (VA), New York, Shanksville (PA), Little Rock (AR), Boston (MA), Fort Lauderdale (FL), San Bernardino (CA), Orlando (FL), Denver (CO)….

Islamic jihadis killed 3 & wounded hundreds of others with 2 bombs at the Boston Marathon in 2013

The perpetrators of these acts of violence unanimously tell us they do what they do because Islam commands them to do it, yet most of our leaders tell us Islam is not the problem.

Our military generals/admirals and civilian leaders display no recognition they have a clue about the Islamic threat despite fighting – and losing – wars for nearly 17 years.  Some of our top military leaders – General John Allen for instance – apologized to our enemies for “offending” them when “Islamic religious materials” were mistakenly destroyed.

As of this day, the United States has still not defined the enemy in the global war in which we are engaged.

Catastrophic failure and criminal negligence.

Americans who still possess the ability to reason, discern, and process facts in reality realize the U.S. federal government is incapable of winning this war.

As Understanding the Threat (UTT) has said for over six (6) years, this war will be won or lost at the local level.

The goal is to get as many Americans to understand the threat as quickly as possible so local jurisdictions can organize and begin to dismantle the jihadi networks in the local area.

Remembering this is primarily an Information War, education, communication, and preparation are critical to victory.  The time for being afraid of making people feel uncomfortable is over.

Speaking truth boldly about this threat is the key to laying the foundation for future operations against the jihadis.

Eleven years ago when I was in the FBI, I advocated nationwide training and education, as well as aggressive legal action to dismantle the jihadi network, seize all Muslim Brotherhood property and punish the Muslim Brotherhood leadership to the fullest extent of the law.

The federal government has failed to do its duty since 9/11/01, and now this war is going to come to a fight on the streets of America.

This war will be won the same way President Trump became President – county by county.

Local towns and counties must:

  • Get your police trained about the Islamic threat
  • Get key local leaders trained about the Islamic threat
  • Create a cadre of local activists who can train others (UTT’s Train the Trainer program)
  • Think and plan in reality.  This war is coming.  Don’t fear it.  Prepare for victory.