Our Services

Radio and TV Booking

We work harder than the competition to get you booked as a guest on radio and TV talk shows nationwide.  Our experience includes, but is not limited to, bookings on Mancow, Lars Larson, Jim Bohannon, Michael Savage, Mike Huckabee, John Gibson, Alan Colmes, Fox and Friends, Dennis Miller, Rusty Humphries, Andrea Tantaros, Mike Church, Flashpoint Live and Sean Hannity.


We write press releases and articles in close collaboration with you. We help place your articles in print and online media.


We work with you on idea development and public presentation.

For Radio Talk Show Hosts

We offer production and social networking.

Talk-Show Producer Services

Are you a talk-show host who needs assistance with booking guests, but can’t afford a full-time producer? Why not outsource this service to the good folks at Epic Quest Media LLC? For a flat monthly retainer, Epic Quest Media will make the calls to get you the guests you want, i.e. speakers, authors, politicians, etc. We’ll book the guests, make sure you get review copies of books, and send out formal confirmations, freeing up your time for show prep or ad sales.

For More information & Pricing:

Please send an inquiry to Andre Traversa at: prodigal70@xnet.com
Phone: 773-774-1583