NRA leaders: ‘Political elites’ are Destroying the Country

Topic: NRA leaders: ‘Political elites’ are Destroying the Country






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NRA leaders: ‘Political elites’ are Destroying the Country

NRA members listen as Wayne LaPierre delivers remarks during the annual meeting Saturday in Louisville

During Saturday morning’s annual meeting of members of the National Rifle Association, the organization’s top leaders zeroed on a theme that illustrates the deepening divide between average Americans, especially gun owners, and the politically elite that want to disarm them.NRA members listen as Wayne LaPierre delivers remarks during the annual meeting Saturday in Louisville.

NRA Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre declared that “the elites and their ideology are destroying this country.” This was after opening his speech by noting that “In this room, you can still see the America we all love.”

Among those elites are politicians, members of the mainstream press and Hollywood’s entertainment industry, he asserted. On the other side, there are average citizens whose constitutional rights are at stake in November. And this seems to be at the heart of NRA’s effort to convince the public that the organization and its members are “Freedom’s Safest Place.”

LaPierre told the crowd that they need to re-awaken America to be a place “Where we will not give up our God-given right to defend ourselves, our families, to the elites, Obama, to the media and sure as hell not to another Clinton.”

He was followed to the podium by Chris Cox, NRA’s chief lobbyist and head of the Institute for Legislative Action. Cox reminded the gathering that as of Saturday there were 170 days remaining until the November election, “and those 170 days will determine the type of country we leave to our kids and grandkids.”

He said no other group is as prepared to fight for the country’s future as are members of the NRA. Reaction from the audience suggested he hit a nerve.

“Where others have talked,” he said, “you’ve fought. Where others have lost, you’ve won. “We’re the most fearsome grassroots army in the history of freedom.”

Cox told his audience that they are the reason the Second Amendment still stands. They worked to make the Clinton semi-auto ban sunset, they fought ammunition and magazine bans and protected the nation’s gun manufacturers “against lawsuits that would have put them out of business.”

“When a criminal knocks out a convenience store clerk with a baseball bat,” he observed, “you don’t sue Louisville Slugger.”

“Thanks to you,” Cox said, “right to carry has been expanded across the country. We now have some form or right to carry in all 50 states…but there’s more to do. Our right to defend yourself doesn’t end at your front door, car door, restaurant door or state line. We need a Congress to pass right to carry reciprocity and a president to sign it into law and we’re not going to stop until we get it.”

He said the America that Clinton would create would be like Australia, where massive gun buybacks have been done. The firearms industry could be put out of business. Without firearms there would be no firearms freedoms.

After telling the crowd that it’s “time to fight like the third monkey on the ramp of Noah’s Ark,” Cox said Hillary Clinton started the fight, but that NRA members would win it. Over the next 170 days he said, NRA members will come together and fight like hell.”

The three-day annual meetings wrap up today. Yesterday afternoon, he drizzle that had dampened the landscape, but not the spirits of the thousands of people attending the event, finally gave way to clearing skies.

Meanwhile, Clinton ramped up her gun control rhetoric Saturday while speaking at the Trayvon Martin Foundation’s “Circle of Mothers” event in Fort Lauderdale. She accused Trump of wanting to put guns in every school classroom, thus endangering children, a popular ploy with gun prohibitionists.

She repeated an often-misused statistic that “33,000 people die from guns every year.” What Clinton and other gun control proponents avoid noting is that about two-thirds of firearm-related deaths are suicides, not criminal violence. But lumping all the victims together makes it appear there is a violent crime wave involving firearms, and according to the New York Times, she even claimed there is a “gun violence epidemic.”

According to FBI crime data, the number of firearm-related homicides has been going down steadily over the past several years. This has happened during the same period when gun ownership and concealed carry has dramatically increased.

Quoted by CBS News, Clinton told her audience, “Unlike Donald Trump, I will not pander to the gun lobby and we will not be silenced and we will not be intimidated. As long as children anywhere are being killed by gun violence, we will keep fighting.”

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