Maryland lawmakers You’re responsible for crimes of illegals

TOPIC: Maryland lawmakers You’re responsible for crimes of illegals

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Maryland lawmakers You’re responsible for crimes of illegals

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William Gheen to Maryland lawmakers: You’re responsible for crimes of illegals

William Gheen’s open letter message to Maryland lawmakers 3/23/2017 (Sent by email to the Maryland State House members at 9:43am)

Many lawmakers and government employees are responsible for illegal alien crimes like the gang rape at Rockville High School because they facilitate those crimes and show illegals they can break many US laws and be rewarded. That is why lawmakers in Colorado are trying to pass a new law we want to see spring up in many states which would allow the victims of illegal alien crimes to sue sanctuary policy lawmakers for damages!

Why would these young illegal aliens think any other boundaries or laws should be respected when lawmakers and government employees reward their illegal actions with sanctuary cities, welfare, free education and healthcare, scholarships and in-state tuition, driver licenses, and lots of pats on the back for breaking into America to help Democrats dominate elections?

Each time a story breaks press about serious problems with illegal immigrants, the socialists will say they receive “racist” e-mails and threats. They do this because they want to deflect attention away from the gang rape their policies fostered and allowed to happen on US soil. They want to blame Americans who would have prevented this attack, as if nasty emails and phone calls from angry Americans could compare to the thousands of rapes and murders sweeping America due to illegal immigration.

Many times, the illegal alien supporters make the threatening calls themselves to try to give their side political ammunition when they are losing badly because their illegal immigrant allies mauled or maimed a US child. We’ve seen the same pattern from these dishonest and politically sociopathic people in many corners of America.

Instead of sticking to their “blame American victims” narrative, these lawmakers should ask themselves how many ways they contributed to the crimes of illegal aliens that have brought third world violence and anarchy to first world Maryland. The two rape suspects need to face trial and be punished to the full extent of our laws, and the lawmakers that made their crimes possibly should be held accountable as well.

The citizens of Maryland need to rise up and organize to cast down the sanctuary city policies that aid and abet illegal immigrants with their unlawful presence in our nation and make a new effort to stop their city, county, state, and federal lawmakers from backing illegal immigrants before they find their own children cornered by illegals that should have never been allowed into America in the first place. <> <> <>

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