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Zvi Koenigsberg’s Bio

Having earned the respect of scholars in a variety of academic fields, Zvi Koenigsberg is a real-life Indiana Jones with an engaging personality who is publishing this groundbreaking work after 30 years of research that began with an excavation in Israel. Zvi Keonigsberg- part of the team that assisted the Archaeological dig and was instrumental in putting the facts together to prove it is The Lost Temple of Israel. Read Excerpt

Zvi Koenigsberg wrote the book The Lost Temple of Israel as a true account of his involvement in an excavation at Mt. Ebal which was led by Professor Adam Zertal, a sought-after Professor of Archaeology at Haifa University. This excavation led Zvi down a path of archaeological, biblical and historical research that may change the way substantial sections of the Bible are understood.

Zvi became “infected” with the archaeology bug almost from the moment he arrived in Israel. The day after he arrived was the day the Western Wall in Jerusalem was conquered on June 7, 1967, by Israeli paratroopers. His research was mentored by the late Professor Benjamin Mazar, who befriended him, and who shared with him a vast knowledge and understanding. Mazar, a one-time president of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, conducted excavations of the area surrounding the Western Wall. Zvi’s decade of work with Dr. Mazar provided him with an education that transcended the usual classroom experience.

In The Lost Temple of Israel, Zvi identifies the site of Mt Ebal as an Israelite temple, an identification that changes an entire series of traditional and scientific assumptions about the beginnings of Israel and the Bible. What is probably most interesting aspect of his research is that these new ideas are being quoted by some of Israel’s most distinguished professors of Judaica.

The Lost Temple of Israel contains conversations with some of the leading authorities in these areas, all of whom gave the author permission to quote them. in addition, a former Nobel Prize nominee, a prolific well-respected author, calls the book “a great story”.

The Lost Temple of Israel challenges us to re-read the Bible with a fresh set of eyes and an open mind.