Some call it “worse than Watergate,”  while others say it’s the “worst scandal in American history.”  Such dramatic language refers to a classified four-page memo obtained by the House Intelligence Committee.  While we don’t yet know the content, the evidence seems to point to a collaborative effort on the part of the Justice Department, the FBI, and the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, to conduct surveillance on the 2016 Trump campaign at Hillary Clinton’s request.

Such allegations are serious charges, which is why Several Congressmen, including Matt Gaetz, Jim Jordan, and Mark Meadows, are calling for the House to release this memo to the public.  Gaetz contends  that the release of this memo will be the smoking gun that will result not only in the firing of numerous government employees, but also criminal prosecution and incarceration.
Former FBI Agent John Guandolo, known as FISA Man to fellow agents, served as an affiance (one who establishes the veracity of an affidavit attached to a warrant) on numerous FISA warrants.  “The FISA Court is an important tool for our national security,” Guandolo says.  “But like other areas of our government, it relies upon the integrity of the testimony provided.”

“The problems with FISA generally come from people who abuse the system.  If we are going to rectify these problems it should begin with severely punishing the people not tossing the FISA Court out the window.”

“Like all other issues regarding National Security failures of U.S. leaders, the problem stems from a complete lack of understanding of our enemies, a non-functional U.S. intelligence apparatus, and a failure to take the difficult steps in correcting this dangerous course.”

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