Corruption In The Democratic Party

Quote: “I don’t think the Democratic party is corrupt.” – Sen. Mark Warner

By Kristen Day 


The Democrats have taken up a “win at all costs” approach to governing. We hear more about the 2016 election and the aftermath including the alleged “rigging” of the primaries; lack of transparency at the DNC; white men being discouraged from applying for positions on the DNC; and picking and choosing of which minority groups should receive representation on the executive committee. Democrats should be concerned about the future of the Party.
We have taken on massive loses since 2010, and while we claim to have more registered Democrats, apparently, they are not voting that way or not voting at all. Over half the states are under full Republican control – meaning House, Senate, and Governors. Winning eight legislative races since President Trump won does not counteract the over 1,000 losses nationwide nor the five special election losses for Congressional seats.
The win at all costs extends to the legislative branch where opposing anything and everything is the strategy regardless of how the position will affect the people they are there to represent. Refusing to admit that there are problems with Obamacare is causing enormous problems for millions of Americans who are facing higher costs and fewer options. But the strategy by Democratic leadership to not allow anything to pass because “we don’t want to give Trump and the Republicans” a victory, is failing the country and the Democratic Party.
We, as a Party, must start to lead. We need to stop including people who share a monolithic view of what it is to be a Democrat and start being an inclusive big tent Party. Pro-lifers, blue dogs, the white working class, the religious left and others who were pushed out need to take the Party back so we can continue our historic mission to protect ALL those who need assistance.

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