Congressional Candidate Runs on Serious Immigration Reform

TOPIC: Congressional Candidate Runs on Serious Immigration Reform


Bob Gray – Candidate in Georgia’s 6th Congressional District Special Elections



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Congressional Candidate Runs on Serious Immigration Reform

For decades, the United States has accepted an average of 1 million legal immigrants annually. That’s the equivalent of adding the entire state of Montana to the United States every year, and it doesn’t include the illegal border crossers or visa overstays. Unfortunately, only 1 in every 15 legal immigrants arrives in the United States with a skills-based visa. The majority of the remaining immigrants are either low-skilled or unskilled. This constant influx of low-skilled labor has caused a downward spiral on the wages of working Americans – with the wages of recent immigrants being the hardest hit.

For the past quarter of a century, many of our politicians in Washington have refused to take action – despite recognizing the problem. Our establishment politicians have chosen to go with what is “politically correct” instead of taking a tough stance and putting America First. However, thanks to President Trump, and Georgia’s very own business outsider, Senator David Perdue, all of this could change soon. The Reforming American Immigration for Strong Employment Act (RAISE ACT), introduced by Senator David Perdue (R-GA) and Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) would help raise American workers’ wages by reducing overall immigration by half, and rebalancing the system towards employment-based visas and immediate family members.

Supporting  the “RAISE ACT” is none other than Congressional candidate Bob Gray. Gray, vying for the seat reacently vacated by current HHS director Tom Price, is running on a platform of serious immigration reform. “Simply put, the “RAISE ACT” puts America first by eliminating outdated immigration programs, and prioritizing American workers again,” Gray says. “One specific outdated program the RAISE Act eliminates is the “Diversity Visa Lottery”. In addition to being plagued with fraud, this program advances no economic or humanitarian interest. Furthermore, this program does very little to advance the diversity it was originally created to bolster.”

“The American people voted for change last November when they elected President Trump,” says Gray. “It’s time for real enforcement of our immigration and employment laws. It’s time to secure our borders and the temporary visa program. It’s time for Congress to send the Raise Act to President Trump’s desk! I am committed to championing the RAISE Act and common-sense policies on immigration as Congressman for Georgia’s 6th Congressional District.”

Gray is running in a special election to be held on April 18th, 2017.



Bob Gray  – candidate in Georgia’s 6th Congressional District Special Elections







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