Comment on Barcelona Attack from Understanding the Threat


John Guandolo

James Lopez

By: John Guandolo

Once again muslims adhering to sharia have killed innocent people in the West. This time we have 13 confirmed dead and over 100 injured in Barcelona, Spain. The leaders of Spain are responsible for these deaths along with the muslim jihadis who perpetrated these acts – which are lawful in Islam/Sharia.

The willing decision by Western leaders to regurgitate a counter-factual narrative about Islam being “peaceful” continues to give the enemies of liberty the ability to maneuver in our societies under the cover of being on equal footing with the civilized nations in Europe and America. Islam is not a civilized system. It is a totalitarian system ruled by sharia, which is barbaric and has no place in civil society. All Islamic Law mandates jihad until the world is under an Islamic State governed by sharia. Jihad is legally defined in sharia as “warfare against non-muslims.”

This is taught in Islamic schools at the first grade level and in the highest levels of Islamic jurisprudence. There is only one Islam and one sharia. Muslims who do not follow sharia do not constitute a different “version” of Islam.

The Islamic Movement in the West is now entered the leading edge of their final stage and they believe, based on how open they are in their objectives and by their actions, they are near to victory. UTT believes that without a significant amount of brute force to defeat this enemy, they will be correct.

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