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Attacks in Paris, if it was on American soil, would somebody already be blaming “lax gun laws?”

Topic: Attacks in Paris, if it was on American soil, would somebody already be blaming “lax gun laws?”


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Andre Traversa

Attacks in Paris, if it was on American soil, would somebody already be blaming “lax gun laws?”

New York Times reported that the Islamic State claimed responsibility for last night’s bloody string of attacks in Paris, and further that the terrorists called them “the first of the storm,” but had this outrage happened on American soil would somebody already be blaming “lax gun laws?”

Presidential candidate Donald Trump, appearing today in Beaumont, Texas, had a much different perspective. According to WGHP, Trump told his audience, “When you look at Paris — you know the toughest gun laws in the world, Paris — nobody had guns but the bad guys. Nobody had guns. Nobody.”

“You can say what you want,” Trump is quoted by the Fox affiliate, “but if they had guns, if our people had guns, if they were allowed to carry, it would’ve been a much, much different situation.” The crowd, according to the report, “erupted into raucous applause.”

The Washington Examiner reported last night that Republican Sen. Ted Cruz, also running for president, suggested that plans to bring Syrian refugees to this country should be shelved. Fox News reported this morning that fingerprints have identified one of the dead terrorists as an extremist French national.

Saturday afternoon, Fox News reported that at least one of the victims was a visiting American student from California. She was identified as Nohemi Gonzalez, 23.

In the wake of the attack, Politifact reached back five months to a statement by President Barack Obama, reacting to the Charleston church shooting, observed, “This type of mass violence does not happen in other advanced countries. It doesn’t happen in other places with this kind of frequency.” Except that it obviously does.

French authorities are focusing on the individuals responsible, but here in the United States, it has become customary and almost reflexive to blame so-called “lax gun laws” and the Second Amendment — and organizations that defend the right to keep and bear arms — to promote a political agenda of citizen disarmament. There is no Second Amendment in France.

Now there is discussion about the potential for such an attack in the United States. There is a sense of heightened security, but how does that translate to the ground level? Paris demonstrated that terror attacks go after soft targets, and the United States is filled with them: sports stadiums, concert halls, shopping malls, schools, pick a venue, especially buildings and facilities posted as “gun free zones.”

And with that, Trump’s remarks in Beaumont strike a chord with many American citizens. More than 12.5 million are estimated to have carry licenses and permits. To paraphrase Trump, say what you will, but at times of uncertainty, the ability to defend one’s self and family can be reassuring.

Is there danger of such a terrorist attack in the United States? Yesterday, hours before the Paris attack, Barack Obama was telling reporters that ISIS had been contained. Last night, following the attack, Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson said there are no “specific or credible threats” of an attack here, according to Newsmax.


Andre Traversa


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Dynamic and articulate are two accurate descriptions of Alan Gottlieb. Alan is a Nuclear Engineering graduate of the University of Tennessee and has attended the Institute on Comparative Political & Economic Systems at Georgetown University.


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Alan is the Publisher of and The Gottlieb-Tartaro Report. He is the Chairman of the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, Founder of the Second Amendment Foundation, serves on the Board of  Directors of the American Conservative Union, President of the Center for the Defense of Free Enterprise, President of the American Political Action Committee and President of



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In addition, Alan is the author of twenty books including Politically Correct Guns, Trashing the Economy and She Took a Village: The Unauthorized Biography of Hillary Clinton, Alan Gottlieb’s Celebrity Address Book, Double Trouble: Daschle and Gephart Capitol Hill Bullies, and Gun Rights Affirmed, America Fights Back: Armed Self-defense in a Violent Age, These Dogs Don’t Hunt: The Democrats’ War on Guns and Assault on Weapons: The Campaign to Eliminate Your Guns and Black & Blue: How Obama and the Democrats are Beating up the Constitution, Shooting Blanks: Facts Don’t Matter to the Gun Ban Crowd.

College Students Use ‘Free Speech’ To Protest First Amendment

College Students Use ‘Free Speech’ To Protest First Amendment

 Marc Alan Urbach

B.S. in Communications from University of Florida;
Masters of Education from Georgia State University;
Taught US History, World History, Economics and Civics in public schools for eleven years;
Appeared on radio; Spoken with Tea Party groups and Legislative Aides for Senator Perdue and Senator Isakson of Georgia.
Author:Heal Our Nation, Save Our World.

Andre Traversa/

College Students Use ‘Free Speech’ To Protest First Amendment

“Ultra-liberalism has taken over many college campuses to the point where free speech is censored and removed.”

If today’s college students are tomorrow’s future, many Americans are rightly concerned.

Last week, students at some of America’s most prestigious colleges and universities including UC Berkeley, University of Missouri, and Yale engaged in belligerent student protests and demonstrations that called for free college tuition and student loan forgiveness, aggressively demanding the resignation of school administrators for inadequate responses to questionable claims of racial harassment; and requiring that students be exempted from what they define as offensive speech and behavior.

Those who offered opinions and perspectives that differed from the prevailing narratives against “microaggressions,” “offensive speech,” and “free college” were shouted down and intimidated into silence.  Some have taken to calling these students “crybullies.”

Marc Alan Urbach, Orthodox Jew and author of Heal Our Nation, Save Our World, and most recently, Believe: Do We Need A Third Great Awakening?, says that most of these students are claiming the First Amendment defends their right to free speech yet exempts them from hearing free speech that differs from theirs.

Urbach says, “Liberal totalitarianism has taken over many college campuses to the point where free speech is censored and removed. At least the liberals of the 1960’s fought for free speech. Today the children of those same liberals, who’re rightly called progressives, are fighting to censor it. Too many students on college campuses are not only censoring speech they disagree with, they refuse to even consider someone with a conservative viewpoint. A perfect example are the disproportionately few conservative speakers who’re invited to speak because students successfully censor ideas that differs from theirs.”

This is a symptom of narcissism. Urbach says, “Too many students are in essence screaming, ‘me’ ‘me’… ‘I’m being criticized, I don’t like it and I’m going to protest.’ When did we get to the point that there can’t be anyone on campus being criticized?”

In addition to the selfishness and sanctimony that characterizes the postmodern college student, Urbach also sees the logical conclusion of government run education- especially that government actively excludes God from the public. “Three generations of pathetic, government-run education has contaminated all levels of academia, especially what’s supposed to be our higher institutions of learning,” says Urbach.


Marc Alan Urbach is an Orthodox Jew who taught United States History, World History, Economics and Civics for eleven years in the public schools from 2001-2012. Marc has researched the Founding Fathers and era for the past two years for his latest book, “BELIEVE.” It will inspire Americans to fight for true change and present how Jewish principles can fix our “inequality” problem. He states in clear terms how he feels about his Christian brothers and sisters in America and supports the Judeo-Christian and the Christian heritage of our nation. His first book was Heal Our Nation, Save Our World.

Seattle City Council Passes Gun, Ammunition Tax to Disarm Citizens

TOPIC: Seattle City Council Passes Gun, Ammunition Tax to Disarm Citizens

Alan Gottlieb

Andre Traversa

Seattle City Council Passes Gun, Ammunition Tax to Disarm Citizens

The Seattle City Council has unanimously approved a new gun and ammunition tax within the city that lawmakers believe will deter gun violence and increase public safety. The newly-passed injunction adds a $25 tax on each firearm sold within the city of Seattle combined with a 5 cent tax on each round of ammunition purchased within city limits. The council says the revenue raised would go toward violence prevention programs.

​Critics are vocal in their opposition to the new ordinances saying the council’s laws not only exceed state law but would do little to deter gun violence, punishing law-abiding gun owners in the process.
Alan Gottlieb, founder and Executive Vice President of the Second Amendment Foundation, said, “The new law is illegal because under Washington state law, local laws can’t be more strict than the state law already in place.” Continue Reading →

Jihadi Kills 4 Marines in TN – FBI “Not Sure” of Motive

TOPIC: Jihadi Kills 4 Marines in TN – FBI “Not Sure” of Motive

 TALK SHOW GUEST- John Guandolo 

Andre Traversa/773-774-1583

Counter Terrorism Expert (Mr. Guandolo created and implemented the FBI’s first Counterterrorism Training/Education Program)

Former FBI Agent (assigned to the Counterterrorism Division, Washington, DC)

Founder of

Co-Author of Shariah – The Threat to America

Author of the newly released book:  Raising a Jihadi Generation

World Wide Who’s Who List of 2014

Jihadi Kills 4 Marines in TN – FBI “Not Sure” of Motive

It is clear to all who have functioning cerebral cortexes what the problem is.  Jihadis are on the march.  Law enforcement and military personnel are being openly targeted.  They say it is a command from Allah to wage jihad in order to establish an Islamic State (Caliphate) under Sharia (Islamic Law).

abdulazeez Last Thursday a 24 year old Muslim male named Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez killed four Marines and injured several others in a shooting at a reserve center in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Abdulazeez had a blog page on which he wrote:  “Don’t let the society we live in deviate you from the task at hand.  Take your study guide, the Quran and the Sunnah, with strength and faith, and be firm as you live your short live in this prison called Dunya.  Because Islam is a comprehensive religion we need to know everything from its message.  The more comprehensive our knowledge of it is, the better our understanding of it will be and what goes on around us.”

Another misunderstander of Islam. We see the playbook open again. Continue Reading →

2016 – Boehner: Democrats Man in Congress

TOPIC: 2016 – Boehner: Democrats Man in Congress
Bob McNeil

Bob McNeil, founder of the American Citizen Party, and 2016 candidate for President of the United States, observes that Republican House Speaker John Boehner is continuing a policy of slavishly doing the bidding of the liberal wing of the Democratic Party in Congress.

Whether he’s working “across the aisle” with the late liberal Democrat Ted Kennedy to pass “no child left behind” or whether he is covertly working once again to raise the debt ceiling, the Democrats can rest easy knowing that Boehner will keep his conservatives in line and deliver on their big government big spending initiatives. Continue Reading →