Can Morality be Taught in Public School?

Topic: Can Morality be Taught in Public School?

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Kathy Motlagh

“Of course it can!” says Kathy Motlagh, the founder of ThinkVirtues and the Eutopia book series. It is easy to integrate morality into any curriculum in a variety of settings.”

Indeed morality is not the exclusive purview of any particular denomination of religion but rather morality is a universal concept that pertains to that which is identifiable as right and wrong. Teaching morality to our children has proven to be an indispensable tool in terms of helping them develop into strong, happy and successful individuals.

Schools today, with a narrow focus on the common core, have virtually stripped away objective moral standards and have, as such, neglected to educate the whole child. ThinkVirtues fills the gap by preparing your child for an independent, successful life by cultivating timeless virtues from generations past. ThinkVirtues offers a fun, easy and engaging way for parents to prepare their children for the journey ahead.

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Kathy Motlagh Bio:
President of ThinkVirtues, is the writer and creative force behind the Eutopia book series and accompanying products. Motlagh, a graduate of the Art Institute of Chicago, has taught art at the Montessori School of North Hoffman (IL) for the past twelve years and been an active board member of the school since its inception twenty years ago.

Motlagh’s business experience includes eighteen years in the mortgage banking industry, where she has been featured in business publications as one of the top female financiers in the country.

Motlagh resides in Chicago and involves her family, including her ten and eleven-year-old sons, in community service and fundraising activities for local nonprofits and charitable causes.”

Mission Statement:
Founded in 2011, ThinkVirtues empowers children to be confident, self-assured individuals who make a positive impact in our world. Their mission is to foster character and moral development within children as young as 4 years old. They offer a comprehensive set of products to equip parents and educators with the tools they need to cultivate a moral foundation. Based upon timeless virtues, the program increases a child’s emotional intelligence that prepares them for success in the classroom and beyond.

Kathy Motlagh Founder and President of ThinkVirtues

Author of ” Eutopia: The Discovery ”


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