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Andre Traversa brings a unique set of skills and talents to Epic Quest Media LLC.

A Chicago native, Andre was born in 1970 to first-generation immigrants, an Italian father and a Ukrainian mother.

Blind from birth, Andre spent much of his childhood  in his own world, reading books, daydreaming, and thinking profound thoughts.

While other kids watched TV, Andre fell in love with the radio. “The dj’s were my friends,” Andre explains, “I knew more about radio than any kid should be allowed to know. I would call dj’s on the phone and spend hours with them talking about the industry. I learned about all the niche formats and got a real musical education. I was even listening to Frank Zappa when I was 10 years old.”

As a teenager, Andre had the deepest experience of his life when he received Jesus Christ as His Lord and Savior and became a born-again Christian. Unfortunately, he was sucked into a New Age religion and strayed away from his faith for a long time. But, like the prodigal son, he came back home to Christ in 2010 and has never looked back since.

After graduating from Northwestern University with a B.S. in speech, Andre began pursuing his lifelong radio dream. In 1993, he served as an intern with Chicago Christian talk-radio host Dick Staub, who eventually went on to syndicate his show with Salem Communications. “Dick was the most interesting Christian I’d ever met. He wasn’t a cookie-cutter Christian. He broke the mold and so did his show. He  booked a lot of secular guests, and would often take unconventional positions that would force his audience to think outside the box. He was a real mentor to me.”

Another one of Andre’s mentors was Steve Carr, who ran a ministry in the Chicago area called the Christian Connection. Carr had a show on the same station, right after Staub, and Andre did a two-year stint there, starting out as a producer and later moving on to co-host the program. After the show concluded, Andre moved on to work with Carr in various capacities, most notably syndicating infomercials. “At the time Steve was  doing infomercials for several multi-level marketing companies, selling vitamins and other products. I was basically a buyer. I would call up radio stations and negotiate packages for the various distributors; insuring they received a lot of added value when they bought their air-time with free promos, overnight reruns, etc. It was my first experience working in the sales side of radio, so I was exposed to a whole different side of the industry.

For the last decade, Andre has primarily worked in the PR industry; serving as a guest booker, but also bringing new clients into companies. In April of 2013, Andre began a partnership which has now blossomed into Epic Quest Media LLC.

Andre previously hosted his own Blogtalk Radio show called,  “The Andre Controversa Show,”  “My show  was highly political, though not exclusively. I have interviewed senators, congressmen, and candidates; including Mike Lee, Michelle Bachmann, and Congressman Steve King.”

While he currently resides in Chicago, Andre’s real home is in Heaven.

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