College Students Use ‘Free Speech’ To Protest First Amendment

College Students Use ‘Free Speech’ To Protest First Amendment

 Marc Alan Urbach

B.S. in Communications from University of Florida;
Masters of Education from Georgia State University;
Taught US History, World History, Economics and Civics in public schools for eleven years;
Appeared on radio; Spoken with Tea Party groups and Legislative Aides for Senator Perdue and Senator Isakson of Georgia.
Author:Heal Our Nation, Save Our World.

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College Students Use ‘Free Speech’ To Protest First Amendment

“Ultra-liberalism has taken over many college campuses to the point where free speech is censored and removed.”

If today’s college students are tomorrow’s future, many Americans are rightly concerned.

Last week, students at some of America’s most prestigious colleges and universities including UC Berkeley, University of Missouri, and Yale engaged in belligerent student protests and demonstrations that called for free college tuition and student loan forgiveness, aggressively demanding the resignation of school administrators for inadequate responses to questionable claims of racial harassment; and requiring that students be exempted from what they define as offensive speech and behavior.

Those who offered opinions and perspectives that differed from the prevailing narratives against “microaggressions,” “offensive speech,” and “free college” were shouted down and intimidated into silence.  Some have taken to calling these students “crybullies.”

Marc Alan Urbach, Orthodox Jew and author of Heal Our Nation, Save Our World, and most recently, Believe: Do We Need A Third Great Awakening?, says that most of these students are claiming the First Amendment defends their right to free speech yet exempts them from hearing free speech that differs from theirs.

Urbach says, “Liberal totalitarianism has taken over many college campuses to the point where free speech is censored and removed. At least the liberals of the 1960’s fought for free speech. Today the children of those same liberals, who’re rightly called progressives, are fighting to censor it. Too many students on college campuses are not only censoring speech they disagree with, they refuse to even consider someone with a conservative viewpoint. A perfect example are the disproportionately few conservative speakers who’re invited to speak because students successfully censor ideas that differs from theirs.”

This is a symptom of narcissism. Urbach says, “Too many students are in essence screaming, ‘me’ ‘me’… ‘I’m being criticized, I don’t like it and I’m going to protest.’ When did we get to the point that there can’t be anyone on campus being criticized?”

In addition to the selfishness and sanctimony that characterizes the postmodern college student, Urbach also sees the logical conclusion of government run education- especially that government actively excludes God from the public. “Three generations of pathetic, government-run education has contaminated all levels of academia, especially what’s supposed to be our higher institutions of learning,” says Urbach.


Marc Alan Urbach is an Orthodox Jew who taught United States History, World History, Economics and Civics for eleven years in the public schools from 2001-2012. Marc has researched the Founding Fathers and era for the past two years for his latest book, “BELIEVE.” It will inspire Americans to fight for true change and present how Jewish principles can fix our “inequality” problem. He states in clear terms how he feels about his Christian brothers and sisters in America and supports the Judeo-Christian and the Christian heritage of our nation. His first book was Heal Our Nation, Save Our World.

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