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Texas Massacre Motive? What Investigators Will Ignore

Twenty-seven people were killed at a rural church in Texas Sunday by a lone gunman.


Here is what is known about the killer:

His name is Devin Patrick Kelley and he was 26 years old. He was shot by a citizen and died in his car after fleeing the scene.

He was given a Bad Conduct discharge from the U.S. Air Force (2010-2014) after being court martialed for assaulting his wife and child.

Kelley indicated on LinkedIn he cared about the following causes: civil rights, social action, animal welfare, children, arts and culture, the environment, health and human rights.

It is being reported on social media Kelley was affiliated with Antifa, but that has yet to be confirmed.

This attack did occur on the weekend Antifa called for their war to begin.

A recent photo of Kelley reveals him sporting a sharia adherent beard.

Maybe just a coincidence, but as we have seen from other recent investigations, law enforcement in general has no training on sharia or the jihadi networks in the U.S. nor in the Marxist Movement and how it works with the Islamic Movement.

Therefore, these avenues of inquiry will likely not be pursued.

It is interesting that as the media reviews and reports on shooting attacks in the United States in the last 15 years or so, they seem unable to piece together the glaring reality that these attacks have been committed by leftists/Marxists or jihadis.

John Guandolo on Houston’s Morning News

Corruption In The Democratic Party

Quote: “I don’t think the Democratic party is corrupt.” – Sen. Mark Warner

By Kristen Day 


The Democrats have taken up a “win at all costs” approach to governing. We hear more about the 2016 election and the aftermath including the alleged “rigging” of the primaries; lack of transparency at the DNC; white men being discouraged from applying for positions on the DNC; and picking and choosing of which minority groups should receive representation on the executive committee. Democrats should be concerned about the future of the Party.
We have taken on massive loses since 2010, and while we claim to have more registered Democrats, apparently, they are not voting that way or not voting at all. Over half the states are under full Republican control – meaning House, Senate, and Governors. Winning eight legislative races since President Trump won does not counteract the over 1,000 losses nationwide nor the five special election losses for Congressional seats.
The win at all costs extends to the legislative branch where opposing anything and everything is the strategy regardless of how the position will affect the people they are there to represent. Refusing to admit that there are problems with Obamacare is causing enormous problems for millions of Americans who are facing higher costs and fewer options. But the strategy by Democratic leadership to not allow anything to pass because “we don’t want to give Trump and the Republicans” a victory, is failing the country and the Democratic Party.
We, as a Party, must start to lead. We need to stop including people who share a monolithic view of what it is to be a Democrat and start being an inclusive big tent Party. Pro-lifers, blue dogs, the white working class, the religious left and others who were pushed out need to take the Party back so we can continue our historic mission to protect ALL those who need assistance.

Motive for Killing Americans Still Clear – Islam/Sharia

The man who killed 8 people and wounded approximately 12 in New York City 2 days ago is a muslim.  He is a jihadi who yelled “Allah u akbar” – a requirement under sharia.

From all of the muslims (Iranians) who stormed the U.S. Embassy in Tehran in 1979 to the 1983 bombing of the Marine Barracks in Beirut, Lebanon (Iranians) to the 1998 bombing of the U.S. Embassies in Africa, to the attack on the USS Cole to the 9/11 attacks in New York, Arlington, and Shanksville to Fremont to Seattle to Fort Hood to Chapel Hill to Boston to Little Rock to San Bernardino to Ft Lauderdale to Orlando…

The perpetrators of all these attacks – and many more in the United States – tell us they are muslims waging jihad in the cause of Allah in order to establish an Islamic State under sharia (Islamic Law).

There is only ONE sharia.  There is only ONE Islam.

We know this because when it comes to the non-muslim world, there is 100% agreement in sharia.  So much so that what is taught to muslim children in Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and the United States is identical to the “version” of Islam taught by Al Qaeda and the Islamic State.  It is also the same “version” of Islam authoritatively taught by Al Azhar, the highest authority for Islamic jurisprudence.

What Islam is All About is the most widely used text book about Islam in U.S. Islamic Schools, and is also widely used at mosques and Islamic organizations for Adult Islamic education across America.

The following are direct quotes from What Islam is All About:

“Islam is not a religion, however, but a complete way of life.” (p 2)

“Shari’ah includes all the do’s and don’t’s of Islam.” (p 354)

“The Shari’ah is the ideal path for us to follow.  We learn what the Shari’ah contains from two primary sources.  Do you remember what they are?  They are the Qur’an and the Sunnah.” (p 354)

“The path we follow, the Shari’ah, contains the commandments of Allah and His Messenger.” (p 356)

“To begin with, the law of the land is the Shari’ah of Allah.  The leader or Khalifa of the Islamic nation implements the Shari’ah in society and the people try to follow it as best they can in order to save their souls in the hereafter.” (p 376)

“The way of life known as Islam is a complete code of life…There is no separation of Masjid (mosque) and state for the object of the Islamic state is the establishment of the Deen of Allah (sharia)…The basis of the legal and political system is the Shari’ah of Allah.” (p 381)

Jihad is one of the 3 duties in Islam (p 163)

“The word jihad is most often associated with the act of physically confronting evil and wrongdoing (photo of a tank)…If anyone dies in a Jihad they automatically will go to Paradise.” (p 164)

“The Basic Islamic Government:  Judicial Branch (Qadi System), Executive Branch (Khalifa), Representative Branch (Majlis al Shura).” (p 382)

“The duty of the Muslim citizens is to be loyal to the Islamic State.” (p 382)

It is a requirement in Islam for jihad (war against non-muslims) to be waged until sharia is the law of the land.

The New York attack was done by a muslim obeying the command from Allah and following the example of Islam’s prophet Mohammad.

The motive for the 9/11 attacks and every other jihadi attack against free peoples across the earth is Islam – the command to wage jihad until the earth is submitted to Islamic Law (sharia).

US Leaders Again Fail to Protect Citizens – Muslim Kills 8 in NYC

Today in New York City, a muslim jihadi plowed a truck into people killing 8 and injuring approximately 11 others.

He did not do it because he doesn’t have a good job or because he lacks education or because of Israel or because of the lack of McDonald’s in his home country.

He did not do it because he is “deranged.”

He did it because 100% of Islamic doctrine (sharia) mandates jihad (warfare against non-muslims) until the world is under Islamic rule.

How much longer will Americans tolerate the killing our citizens by muslim jihadis?

How much longer will Americans tolerate leaders like New York Mayor De Blasio who coddle, pander to, and support the leaders of jihadi organizations and then feign surprise when jihadis do what Islam commands them to do?

How much longer will Americans tolerate leaders like National Security Advisor Herbert McMaster whose words reveal his utter ignorance of Islam and the threat it causes, and his inaction leads, again, to the death of American citizens?

The US v Holy Land Foundation trial was the largest terrorism financing and Hamas trial ever successfully prosecuted in American history.  The evidence in this case, after a 15 year FBI investigation, reveals there is an Islamic Movement in the United States led by the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood whose stated goal is to overthrow the U.S. government and create an Islamic State under sharia – same goal as the Islamic State and Al Qaeda.

The evidence also reveals that all of the prominent Islamic organizations in the United States are a part of this Movement including, but not limited to:  the majority of the over 3100 Islamic centers/mosques, Islamic Societies, Muslim Students Associations, Muslim American Society, Muslim Public Affairs Council, Islamic Circle of North America, Council on American Islamic Relations (Hamas), Students for Justice in Palestine (Hamas), and others.

The majority of the over 3100 Islamic centers/mosques and all of the prominent Islamic organizations in the United States teach muslim children and muslim adults the same things the Islamic State and Al Qaeda teach their fighters – that jihad is warfare against non-muslims and is obligatory until the entire world is under sharia (Islamic law).  These Islamic sites are the incubators for jihadis just like:  the Islamic Society of Boston supported the Boston marathon bombers; the Islamic Center of Nashville and the local MSA supported the Little Rock, Arkansas jihadi; the Dar al Hijra Islamic Center (Falls Church, VA) and the Islamic Center of Southern California supported 9/11 hijackers and Ft Hood jihadi Major Nidal Hasan; the Islamic Society of Chattanooga supported the jihadi who killed our men in uniform; and on and on it goes.

These places need to be raided, shut down, their leaders arrested and their assets seized.

Leaders like National Security Advisor Herbert McMaster, New York Mayor De Blasio, and others like them  have a professional duty to know these easily identifiable threats and do not.  Now – AGAIN – Americans are dead because of their unprofessionalism – the legal definition of criminal negligence.

We put doctors and lawyers in jail for this, and it is high time our local and federal leaders whose unprofessionalism leads to American deaths go to jail for it too.