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Will Democratic Extremism Cost the Party in Virginia and beyond?

by: Kristen Day

The current gubernatorial race in Virginia pits Democrat Ralph Northam against Ed Gillespie. While Hillary Clinton won the state, the race is a close one. Northam is now running ads to highlight his strong support for abortion. The pro-life vote can swing a seat 5 percentage points. As the Democratic Party has embraced an abortion extremist position, voters are turning away from voting for ANY democrat – whether they be pro-life or pro-choice.

Since 2010, the Democratic Party has lost over 1,000 legislative seats, including 33 state legislative chambers giving Republicans control of 67 out of 98 state legislative chambers. One would think Democrats have nowhere to go but up, yet the Party continues to be unsuccessful.

After losing 5 straight special elections, a gift was handed to Democrats when Republican Congressman Tim Murphy resigned over allegations he encourages his a married woman he had an affair with to have an abortion. A traditional blue state, Democrats have an opportunity to turn the tide in the 18th Congressional District. Five Democrats have entered the race, including pro-life democrat Gina Cerilli, who is the best bet to win. If smart, the Democrats will get behind this former Miss Pennsylvania, lawyer and current Westmoreland County commissioner.

Pennsylvania is an important state for Democrats and a victory would send a strong message going into 2018. The Murphy seat, as well as the race for Erie County Executive, will be an indicator for 2018. Former Congresswoman Kathy Dahlkemper currently holds the seat. A pro-life Democrat in a blue region, it should be an easy re-election but the Republican is giving a real challenge in the 2017 race.

A bigger issue is the U.S. Senate where Democrats are defending 25 seats. The Roll Call race ratings indicate 38 solid or continuing Democratic seats versus 49 safe or Republican seats. Republicans only need to win or keep 2 seats to maintain control. The Democratic lift is much more challenging. In pro-life states like Indiana, West Virginia, Missouri, North Dakota and Ohio. Pennsylvania and Michigan could also come into play.

UTT Assesses Las Vegas Attack As A Jihadi Operation

by: John Guandolo

There has been a lot of speculation in both mainstream media and social media about Sunday night’s tragedy in Las Vegas, where, according to the latest from the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, 516 people were injured and 59 people were murdered by Stephen Paddock.

Before any real information about the shooter was put out via U.S. media outlets, UTT published a tweet at 6:34 AM CST on Monday assessing the Las Vegas attack was likely a jihadi operation.  So far as UTT has been able to ascertain, we were the first organization in America to reach this conclusion.

The following were the basis for that assessment:

  1. The Islamic State has previously called for attacks on the U.S. homeland and has specifically mentioned Las Vegas, Nevada as a target.
  2. The Islamic State issued a statement last week through one of it’s information outlets Nasher News calling for muslims to avoid places in America (and elsewhere) where “Crusaders” gather and have mentioned major events as good targets.
  3. In recent days, jihadis have launched attacks in Europe.
  4. The target of the attack.
  5. The method and execution of the attack.

While investigation reveals Paddock was a politically left-wing individual with possible Marxist ties to Antifa and other groups, the evidence points to jihad.

Since UTT first published it’s initial assessment, the Islamic State claimed the Las Vegas attack was conducted by one of their “soldiers.”  It should be noted, this is a very strong data point in understanding the events in Las Vegas.

The Islamic State has never claimed responsibility for an attack that was not carried out by a jihadi.

Later in the day Monday, the Islamic State issued a second public message calling Stephen Paddock a “soldier of the caliphate” and a “martyr” and stating he converted to Islam in the last few months.

The Islamic State further gave Paddock the Arabic name of Abu Abed al Bir Al-Amriki.

The fact the FBI found “no evidence” of links between Paddock and “terrorist organizations” is, in fact, evidence he is likely linked to such organizations.

The FBI has been wrong on every single attack of this nature over the last 8 years.

The FBI had investigations on and interviewed nearly all of the jihadis who ended up killing Americans in the attacks in Little Rock, San Bernadino, Ft. Lauderdale, Orlando, Boston, and others.

The government called the massacre at Fort Hood, Texas and the beheading of a woman in Oklahoma as “workplace violence.”

The government continues to catastrophically fail in their basic duties to (1) know the enemy and (2) protect the public.

UTT reminds the public that on numerous occasions we have identified threats inside communities that later produced jihadis who initiated attacks inside the United States.  Once such case involves the Islamic Community Center of Phoenix (ICCP), which UTT included in several presentations given to law enforcement in Arizona beginning in September 2014.  UTT briefed law enforcement and local leaders that the center and its leaders are a danger to the community.

On May 3, 2015, two muslim jihadis from the ICCP went to Garland, Texas to kill people at the Draw Mohammad contest.  Fortunately, the jihadis were killed by police before they could harm innocent non-muslims.

While UTT makes this assessment based on the facts at hand, we will be monitoring the ongoing investigation, as well as the response by law enforcement (federal and local), state and national leadership, as well as the Islamic State.  We will continue to provide the information and our assessment of the situation to American citizens.

Clinton, Democrats Move Quickly to Exploit Las Vegas Tragedy


Hillary Clinton is already trying to exploit the Las Vegas tragedy to build opposition to the proposed Hearing Protection Act.

Former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton and fellow Democrats wasted no time exploiting the worst mass shooting in U.S. history in Las Vegas Sunday night that so far has claimed 58 lives and resulted in more than 500 people injured.

Clinton sent a tweet attacking the proposed Hearing Protection Act, which would remove onerous paperwork from the process to own a sound suppressor, also known as a “silencer.”

Here’s what Clinton had to say on Twitter, according to Fox News:

“The crowd fled at the sound of gunshots. Imagine the deaths if the shooter had a silencer, which the NRA wants to make easier to get. Our grief isn’t enough. We can and must put politics aside, stand up to the NRA, and work together to try to stop this from happening again.”

Anti-gun Connecticut Sen. Chris Murphy railed in a statement: “This must stop. It is positively infuriating that my colleagues in Congress are so afraid of the gun industry that they pretend there aren’t public policy responses to this epidemic. There are, and the thoughts and prayers of politicians are cruelly hollow if they are paired with continued legislative indifference. It’s time for Congress to get off its ass and do something.”

Likewise, Massachusetts Senators Elizabeth Warren and Ed Markey both chimed in on Twitter, and Markey got some heat for his remarks.

The investigation is still in the early stages. Authorities recovered several firearms from the room at the Mandalay Bay hotel from which alleged killer Stephen Paddock, 64, opened fire and rained down a hail of bullets on thousands of people gathered for an outdoor country music concert. When lawmen burst into the room, they found Paddock dead from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound.

The presumed killer’s motive remains a mystery at this point, although there appears to be plenty of conjecture showing up on social media.

However, Alan Gottlieb, founder and executive vice president of the Second Amendment Foundation, noted in a message to The and Liberty Park Press, “If the gun grabbers want to control something, they should control themselves and their mouths. This tragedy was unpreventable.”

He may be correct, since it appears the alleged killer did not have any kind of criminal record that would have prevented him from owning or purchasing firearms.

That evidently is the same assessment from Clark County Sheriff Joseph Lombardo, who told reportersMonday, “This individual was described as a lone wolf, I don’t know how it could have been prevented. We didn’t have any prior knowledge to this individual. It wasn’t evident that he had any weapons in his room. We have determined that there has been employees going to and fro to his room and nothing nefarious was noticed at this point.”

This is just the beginning of the investigation, and the effort to capitalize on the Nevada tragedy.

Las Vegas Massacre: Probably couldn’t be prevented, says Sheriff

By Dave Workman – October 2, 2017

As anti-gunners rush to exploit the massacre in Las Vegas, Clark County Sheriff Joseph Lombardo told reporters during a press briefing that he didn’t know “how it could have been prevented,” a remark in a story published by CBS News.

He had company in that opinion in the form of national gun rights advocate Alan Gottlieb, founder and executive vice president of the Second Amendment Foundation. Only hours before the mass shooting that left 58 dead so far and more than 500 injured, Gottlieb had wrapped up the 32nd annual Gun Rights Policy Conference in Dallas, Texas.

Lombardo’s remarks were published by the CBS affiliate in Philadelphia.

“This individual was described as a lone wolf,” the sheriff said. “I don’t know how it could have been prevented. We didn’t have any prior knowledge to this individual. It wasn’t evident that he had any weapons in his room. We have determined that there has been employees going to and fro to his room and nothing nefarious was noticed at this point.”

The alleged killer, identified as 64-year-old Stephen Paddock, apparently did not have any criminal record. He owned several guns and with a clean record, he could have passed a background check.

The shooting has brought out the worst from anti-gunners. Fox News reported that a CBS attorney was fired after posting a message on Facebook that said she was not sympathetic for the victims “bc (sic) country music fans often are Republican gun toters.”

Mark Kelly, husband of former Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords reportedly has called for more gun control and complained that Congress has done nothing due to the “polarization of our politics.” It was not clear whether he was alluding to the polarization practiced by the gun prohibition lobby, or just the conflict between conservatives and liberals.

Sheriff Lombardo has been very cooperative with the press, holding regular briefings and updates.

The suspected killer does not fit the typical profile of a mass shooter. It has been reported that he has been gambling heavily over the past few months.

Fox News reported that he had at least 30 firearms. Authorities recovered at least ten guns in the hotel room at Mandalay Bay where Paddock apparently killed himself.

Reporters have interviewed Paddock’s brother, who said the dead man had not expressed political views and there is no apparent motive for the massive attack.