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Trump is not Jesus the Messiah

Trump is not Jesus the Messiah

JANUARY 31, 2016

headshot-andre Greetings, my name is Andre Traversa.  I am an online radio talk-show host, media consultant, and Bible-believing Christian with a deep concern for this nation.

I’m also an opinionated political junkie with strong views about who should be elected to public office. More to the point, I’m a longtime supporter of Senator Ted Cruz’s bid for the presidency. I love Ted for all kinds of reasons.  He’s the only guy I know who can unite the evangelicals and libertarians in the Republican Party. Who else can get Ron Paul supporters and Huckabee voters to play on the same team?

I know people say this about every election, but this time it’s really critical. In Ted Cruz, we have the opportunity to elect the most ideologically conservative president I’ve seen in my lifetime. Cruz is to the right of Reagan, and rightly so. I don’t know of any other candidate who can reverse the perilous course this nation is traveling.

Back in December, I was very excited to see a pool showing Cruz ahead of Donald Trump among Iowa caucus voters. Within days, the Trump backlash began. Trump reversed his cordial stance towards Cruz and began attacking his character. At first the attacks were minor, calling Cruz a maniac and questioning, “how many evangelicals come out of Cuba?” The polls also began to shift, showing Trump ahead again with a comfortable lead, though his Iowa numbers have always been lower than his nationals. Soon the attacks intensified, and Trump began to show his true colors under pressure. Continue Reading →