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Second Amendment Foundation takes on the ATF

Topic: Second Amendment Foundation takes on the ATF
Alan Gottlieb

Alan Gottlieb, founder of the Second Amendment Foundation is spearheading a media effort that criticizes President Obama’s executive actions which seek to ban ammunition commonly used in AR-15 sport utility rifles. The Second Amendment Foundation is rolling out a TV and radio media campaign that includes a $700,000 ad buy on Fox News and Glenn Beck’s Blaze network.

The one minute commercial asks all Americans to call a toll free number to express their concerns over Obama “exercising another executive power grab.” Continue Reading →

2016 – Boehner: Democrats Man in Congress

TOPIC: 2016 – Boehner: Democrats Man in Congress
Bob McNeil

Bob McNeil, founder of the American Citizen Party, and 2016 candidate for President of the United States, observes that Republican House Speaker John Boehner is continuing a policy of slavishly doing the bidding of the liberal wing of the Democratic Party in Congress.

Whether he’s working “across the aisle” with the late liberal Democrat Ted Kennedy to pass “no child left behind” or whether he is covertly working once again to raise the debt ceiling, the Democrats can rest easy knowing that Boehner will keep his conservatives in line and deliver on their big government big spending initiatives. Continue Reading →

The Lost Temple of Israel

TOPIC: The Lost Temple of Israel
Zvi Koenigsberg

Zvi Koenigsberg wrote the book “The Lost Temple of Israel” as a true account of his involvement in an excavation at Mt. Ebal which was led by Professor Adam Zertal, a sought-after Professor of Archaeology at Haifa University. This excavation led Zvi down a path of archaeological, biblical and historical research that may change the way substantial sections of the Bible are understood.

Zvi became “infected” with the archaeology bug almost from the moment he arrived in Israel. The day after he arrived was the day the Western Wall in Jerusalem was conquered on June 7, 1967, by Israeli paratroopers. His research was mentored by the late Professor Benjamin Mazar, who befriended him, and who shared with him a vast knowledge and understanding. Mazar, a one-time president of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, conducted excavations of the area surrounding the Western Wall. Zvi’s decade of work with Dr. Mazar provided him with an education that transcended the usual classroom experience. Continue Reading →

Children of Same Sex Couples Speak Out

TOPIC: Children of Same Sex Couples Speak Out
Robert Oscar Lopez, Kathy Faust, Denise Shick, Dawn Stefanowicz

Over 10 years after the Massachusetts State Supreme Court Goodridge decision was rendered which proclaimed gay marriage legal, the children of same sex parents have been silenced.

“When will the voices of the children of these unions be heard?” asks a group of authors and scholars, all raised by gay or lesbian parents. Given the likelihood that the scientific community has studied, often with taxpayer funding, virtually every nuance and permutation of groups and their relations based on race, ethnicity, gender, religion, income, age and other configurations, their apparent lack of curiosity regarding the social phenomena of gay marriage is a fascinating illustration of an absence of scientific objectivity and integrity. Continue Reading →

ADAMS Center in Sterling, VA: Jihad Central

ADAMS Center in Sterling, VA: Jihad Central
BY John Guandolo MARCH 9, 2015

One of Northern Virginia’s most prominent Islamic organizations, the All Dulles Area Muslim Society (ADAMS) Center was created by jihadis, and continues today to be a center of the Islamic Jihadi Movement in the Washington, D.C. area and beyond.

Despite this, ADAMS continues to be the primary “go-to” Islamic organization for churches, synagogues, and even the FBI in the D.C. metropolitan area. Continue Reading →

The Political Left’s Marriage to the Islamic Jihad

The Political Left’s Marriage to the Islamic Jihad: Are the Progressives Insane or Intentional?
BY John Guandolo FEBRUARY 23, 2015

Part 4 in the series:
As has been detailed in several articles on the UTT Blog as well as in the first, second, and third iterations of this 4-part series, the Political Left in America is: promoting the Muslim Brotherhood’s (MB) Jihadi Movement in the United States; “negotiating” with Iran and the Taliban; providing material support to Al Qaeda/MB in Iraq, Libya, and elsewhere; promoting Palestinian (Hamas) causes and showing deference to them while failing to stand with Israel; flooding America with people from hostile nations (Somalia, Syria, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, etc) through the State Department’s Refugee Resettlement Program and various student programs; and failing to clearly articulate the threat while demonstrating weakness and inviting greater danger to our nation and its people. Continue Reading →