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Holder Resignation Opens the Door to a Restoration of the Rule of Law

TOPIC: Holder Resignation Opens the Door to a Restoration of the Rule of Law.
Bob McNeil
Sept. 26th, 2014
American Citizen Party Candidate, 2016
Accountant, Former Internal Auditor and
Self-employed Business Consultant Responsible
for Multimillion Dollar Financial Reviews
U.S. Marine Corps, 1968-1974, Sergeant (E-5)
Reference: Proclamation of Freedom 2017
Economic Freedom Act
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Holder Resignation Opens the Door to a Restoration of the Rule of Law.

Bob McNeil, Founder of the American Citizen Party and 2016 Presidential candidate, believes that Attorney General Eric Holder’s resignation opens the door for the rule of law, once again, to be upheld, and justice to finally be served in America. McNeil says, “There is a long list of punishable offenses against Attorney General Holder that warrant investigation, indictment, prosecution, conviction, and incarceration, including, but not limited to, the following:
1. Mr. Holder’s role in President Bill Clinton’s last-minute pardon of tax evaders and fugitives Marc Rich and Pincus Green;
2. His refusal to prosecute the New Black Panthers for voter intimidation in Philadelphia during the 2008 election;
3. His role in the “Fast and Furious” gun-running scheme;
4. His being held in Contempt of Congress for stonewalling Congress in the production of Department of Justice documents related to “Fast and Furious”;
5. His refusal to prosecute individuals with “too big to fail” financial institutions whose actions contributed to the 2008 financial crisis;
6. His singular action of filing federal hate-crime charges against a white man accused of using the “knockout game” against a black man, when the vast majority of “knockout game” incidences are carried out by blacks against whites; and,
7. His refusal to enforce the immigration laws of the United States of America.” Continue Reading →

The Assault on Gun Dealers

TOPIC: The Assault on Gun Dealers
Sept. 25th, 2014

Alan Gottlieb

Chairman of the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms
Founder of the Second Amendment Foundation
Publisher of and The Gottlieb-Tartaro Report
Author of twenty books, including:
Shooting Blanks: Facts Don’t Matter to the Gun Ban Crowd
Black & Blue: How Obama and the Democrats are Beating up the Constitution
Assault on Weapons: The Campaign to Eliminate Your Guns
Regular on TV and radio including MacNeil-Lehrer News Hour, ABC’s 20/20, NBC Today Show, The O’Reilly Factor, Larry King Live,
Fox News Channel, Hardball with Chris Matthews, Good Morning Americaand Piers Morgan Live/CNN

The Assault on Gun Dealers

Alan Gottlieb, Chairman of the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms and the Founder of the Second Amendment Foundation notes that the $31.8 billion gun industry is under increasing pressure from ATF enforcement of onerous regulations that threaten to put the industry out of business.
Every gun sold requires a Form 4473 which is a six page questionnaire that includes 132 items. If one item is not answered accurately the government can revoke the gun dealers license and the onus is on the gun dealer to prove the accuracy of every detail, a task that is virtually impossible. Questions include the ethnic background of the gun purchaser.
The number of ATF field inspections has doubled since 2005 and under Obama the number of violations uncovered has jumped 30 percent according to the ATF Industry Operation Inspection Results, a report tracking the agency’s 2013 audits for the industry. Continue Reading →