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BELLEVUE, WA – The Second Amendment Foundation is expressing heartfelt gratitude today to three major firearms companies – Ruger, Smith & Wesson and Glock – for their supporting documents in the on-going case of Pena v. Lindley, a lawsuit challenging the California handgun roster requirements that include microstamping and magazine disconnects.

Earlier this week, Ruger CEO Michael O. Fifer and Smith & Wesson President and CEO James Debney submitted declarations to the court, explaining their respective companies’ positions on the California microstamping requirement. Late last year, attorneys representing Glock, Inc. filed an amicus curiae brief supporting the SAF case.

“SAF will be eternally grateful for the timely support from all three companies, which we believe strongly reinforces our case,” said SAF founder and Executive Vice President Alan M. Gottlieb. “The statements from Messrs. Debney and Fifer confirm what we have argued all along, that California’s requirements place an undue burden on both consumers and manufacturers.”

In his statement, Fifer bluntly observed, “There is no workable microstamping technology today, and Ruger believes that California’s microstamping regulations make compliance impossible.” Continue Reading →

Obama Advances Plan to Force Purchase of Treasury Bonds Giving Government Access to Americans’ Retirement Savings

Texas businessman and American Citizen Party 2016 Presidential candidate Bob McNeil is sounding the alarm about the Obama administration’s plans to finance trillion-dollar deficits by forcing IRA and 401(k) holders to buy Treasury bonds by mandating the placement of government-structured annuities in their investment accounts.  This plan, first proposed in 2010, was advanced in 2012 anddiscussed further in President Obama’s recent State of the Union address.


According to McNeil, “This proposal has been carefully buried in plans to create what are known as “automatic IRAs”, which require employer groups to enroll all employees in 401(k) or IRAs.  This would change America’s voluntary retirement plan into a government-mandated nationalized program.  This very concept runs counter to the American principles of personal responsibility and self-determination and will give the government access and control over TRILLIONS of dollars viaevery worker’s retirement savings to confiscate whenever it chooses.” Continue Reading →

Obama Policies Promote Class Warfare and Ignore Income Tax Inequality

Texas businessman and American Citizen Party 2016 Presidential candidate Bob McNeil makes the case that Obama’s policies actually promote class warfare and inequality.  If implemented, they represent change that will take America backward rather than forward.

“Class warfare is a tool used by tyrants to cause unrest among the People and is just one of the many tools used by this President to advance his plan to destroy America from within.  Class warfare is rooted in envy (a feeling of discontent and resentment aroused by and in conjunction with desire for the possessions or qualities of another).” [source:]

In a recent speech, President Obama used the word “inequality” 26 times, referring to the income disparity between a CEO and an average worker. Continue Reading →

Jihadist Threats to Water Supply? How Will We Know?

John Guandolo, former FBI agent and author ofRaising a Jihadi Generation: Understanding the Muslim Brotherhood Movement in America, reports that on January 17thAsaf Mohammad, 25, was found naked and stuck in a water pipelineleading to the United Water Facility in Manalapan Township New Jersey. Mohammad was charged with trespassing and released. 

On May 14, 2013, seven foreign “chemical engineers” from Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Singapore, 5 men and 2 women, were arrested in the middle of the night for trespassing near the Quabbin Reservoir  in Western Massachusetts which is the main water source for the Greater Boston area. All seven were released and no further information regarding this case has been made available. 

Why were these persons snooping around major U.S. water supply facilities in the middle of the night?  Should the name Mohammad or being from Pakistan or Saudi Arabia raise any suspicions?  Are law enforcement personnel allowed to ask these questions, or is that deemed politically incorrect? Continue Reading →

Surge In Handgun Carry Licenses In Lead Up to Midterm Elections

Nearly 10,000 applications for concealed carry permits have been requested in the crimeridden city of Chicago since concealed carry became legal in Illinois this month, and more applications are pouring in each week.  

 Alan Gottlieb, Chairman of the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms  and Founder of the Second Amendment Foundation views this as part of a national trend as the midterm elections approach this coming November, less than a year from now. Gottlieb notes, “Now that it is legal, there are more people applying for handgun carry licenses in Obama’s home state of Illinois than for Obamacare. That should tell you what is likely to happen in the 2014 midterm elections.”  Continue Reading →

Voter Fraud – A Growing Threat

Texas businessman and 2016 American Citizen Party presidential nominee Bob McNeil is claiming that systematic voter fraud has reached a levelin America where it now threatens the sacred principle of one man, one vote. “While the technically defunct ACORN introduced systematic voter registration and voter fraud over the past several decades,” notes McNeil, “the 2012 election  represented a new low in terms of voter fraud.”  

The fraud was committed primarily in democratic controlled urban precincts in swing districts and states where fraud might have made a difference in a close election. In the 2012 election, fraud was rampantin precincts in Philadelphia, Cleveland, St Louis and Detroit; all cities located in states that were considered toss-up’s in the week leading up to the general election. In certain precincts in those cities, President Barack Obama reportedly received 98, 99, even over 100% of the vote.

Running interference in terms of stopping states from implementing common sense measures to reduce the fraud, such as voter ID and culling the voter rolls of voters that had died or had moved out of state, or rules that would have prevented out of state students from voting twice, was a phony-baloney George Soros funded group George Soros funded group called the Brennan Center for Justice. Continue Reading →

A Brief History of IRS Corruption

Texas businessman and American Citizen Party 2016 Presidential candidate Bob McNeil notes the inherent corruption associated with the power to tax. McNeil, if elected president in 2016, will use the Article II Section 2 constitutional power of the executive and issue a national pardon (reference McNeil’s Proclamation of Freedom 2017) to all Americans for not filing income taxes. McNeil will replace our 100 year-old, corrupt, progressive income tax system with “indirect” taxes, duties, imposts and excises, as authorized in Article 1 Section 8, and “direct” taxes, apportioned according to the census, as authorized in Article 1 Section 9.  

McNeil notes that the history of the IRS demonstrates that government officials will be tempted to use such awesome power against their enemies and in support of their friends. Continue Reading →


BELLEVUE, WA – The Second Amendment Foundation and Association of New Jersey Rifle & Pistol Clubs today asked the U.S. Supreme Court to hear the appeal in the challenge to New Jersey’s unconstitutional carry laws. The case is Drake v. Jerejian.

Prepared by attorneys Alan Gura (who won Second Amendment victories in the groundbreaking Heller and McDonald cases) and David Jensen, today’s petition is the latest effort to bring a right-to-carry case before the high court and is the next step in the process of resolving the differing opinions of lower courts on the right to bear arms for personal protection outside the home.

“The right to self-defense is sacrosanct,” said SAF founder and Executive Vice President Alan Gottlieb, “yet has been disparaged and denied to all but an elite few in states like New Jersey. Individuals and families should not be deprived of the right to defend themselves and we intend to change that.”

“This case could resolve the right to carry issue not only for New Jersey, but for the entire nation,” added ANJRPC Executive Director Scott Bach. “So far the U.S. Supreme Court has declined to hear the issue in other cases, but this case may be different due to the extreme nature of New Jersey’s law, which effectively denies law-abiding citizens their fundamental right to self-defense outside the home.” Continue Reading →

Egypt Declares MB a Terrorist Organization While U.S. Government Continues to Aid and Abet Them

By John Guandolo   

Just before Christmas, the Egyptian government declared the Muslim Brotherhood a “Terrorist Organization.” In a public statement, Egypt’s interim Deputy Prime Minister Hossam Eissa stated that anyone “taking part in the Muslim Brotherhood activities or promoting those activities by word or action or any other form” will be considered a part of this designation. Simply being a member of the Muslim Brotherhood is a violation of the law now.

This is a tremendous step forward in crushing the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. The West, especially America, should take note.

As usual, however, the U.S. State Department continues its pattern of aiding and abetting jihadis around the world, specifically in this case, the Muslim Brotherhood. Continue Reading →

Scandal of the Year

Texas businessman and 2016 American Citizen party presidential candidate Bob McNeil has named the IRS scandal the scandal of the yearfor 2013, and McNeil notes that the American people don’t even know the half of it. “If my fellow American citizens understood the magnitude of this scandal and all that it implies, then heads would roll,” McNeil asserts.

“Without a prolonged and intensive congressional probe of the rogue agency, and with a mainstream media unwilling to do its job of intensive investigation and reportage due to their running a protection racket for Obama, we will not likely get to the bottom of it.  The IRS corruption will prove to be a cancer on the nation; one that will likely metastasize over the next couple of years if nothing is done,” McNeil warns. Continue Reading →