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House and Senate Intel Committee Chairs Admit: by John Guandolo

In statements that can only be described as stunning, Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) and Congressman Mike Rogers (R-MI), both of whom chair the Intelligence Committee in their respective chamber, admitted that America is “Less Safe” than it was two years ago. The comments were made in a joint interview with the two leaders that aired on CNN’s “State of the Union” on Sunday morning.

While Feinstein’s and Rogers’ comments were focused exclusively on kinetic attacks (bombings, shootings, etc.), not the massive jihadi network in the United States, they make it clear that the number of threats is significantly higher and the number of actual jihadi attacks worldwide is much greater than only 24 months ago.

These facts raise some serious questions and bring to light fundamental failures by our government.

  • Why is the number of jihadi attacks around the world increasing at a time when the United States is ending the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq?
  • Senator Feinstein made a powerful statement when she said there is “a real displaced aggression in this very fundamentalist jihadist Islamic community, and that is that the West is responsible for everything that goes wrong, and that the only thing that’s going to solve this is Islamic Sharia law.”
  • During the interview, Congressman Rogers said, “I absolutely agree that we’re not [safer] today, for the very same reasons. The pressure on our intelligence service to get it right to prevent an attack is enormous.”

The leaders of both of our intelligence committees in the United States Congress are on the record admitting that we are less safe and jihadi attacks are increasing rapidly. Our enemy seeks to impose Islamic Sharia Law, and that’s their stated objective. Our intelligence service is under “enormous” pressure to prevent attacks.

As has been documented previously here, and in my new book Raising a Jihadi Generation, we have a massive jihadi network in the United States led by the Muslim Brotherhood. All training on the Muslim Brotherhood and Sharia Law for the men and women who need it the most in the FBI, DHS, Joint Terrorism Task Forces, and others, has all been completely shut down by the leadership of the FBI, DHS, and military. Continue Reading →

Was Hitler a Leftist? (New Book by Chuck Morse)



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This penetrating book, Was Hitler a Leftist? By Chuck Morse, challenges students of Nazism and of the Nazi Holocaust to integrate the missing link into the otherwise excellent body of work and research that has been done on Hitler and his evil regime. “To do less than a full accounting of the nature of Nazism,” author Chuck Morse contends, “is to perform a disservice to the memory of the six million Jews murdered and to the slogan “never again.” 

The 56 page, 22,000 word book includes the following themes: 

* The leftist nature of Nazism. 
* The anti-Semitism of the Left and its influence on the development of Nazism. 
* Apostate Jews and the Bolshevik Revolution. 
* The Nazi-Soviet alliance. 
* Nazi-Soviet agents and the Holocaust. Continue Reading →

Beck and Hannity Seek Alternative to GOP

“Not since the 19th Century, when the new Republican Party emerged out of the entrails of the Whigs and elected Abraham Lincoln, and the Greenback Party raised the matter of publicly issued United States Notes, has there been such a clamor for a new third party,” declares Bob McNeil, himself a third party candidate for President in 2016.

 A Gallup Poll, conducted in October, indicated that 60% of Americans want a third party. On the right, radio hosts Sean Hannity and Glenn Beck have indicated support for a new conservative party as a response to RINO Republicans marginalizing conservative Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) and others. On the left, Democratic Senator Bernie Sanders has made some noise about running for President as a Socialist. 

Meanwhile, the Libertarian Party is picking up steam with unprecedented numbers of people expressing interest in running for statewide offices. 

“What we’re seeing,” propounds McNeil, “is a level of disaffection on the part of Americans with both major political parties that is reaching a critical mass. The Democrats are saddled with a President who has collapsed in the polls due to the onerous effects of Obamacare, the rise in the surveillance state, the sluggish economy and a growing record of failures in domestic and foreign policy.”  

Meanwhile the Republicans appear to be coming apart at the seams, as the liberal and conservative wings appear to be in an acrimonious and increasingly bitter internecine war. Continue Reading →

IRS – New Program to Suppress Conservative Opinion

Texas businessman and 2016 American Citizen Party presidential candidate Bob McNeil reveals that six months after the IRS inspector general released a report acknowledging the routine targeting of conservative groups and other perceived enemies of the Obama Administration for extra scrutiny, those who would otherwise be known as “enemies of the state” or “enemies of the people” in communist countries, the IRS is at it again.

The IRS had been systematically holding up approval for these groups as they routinely applied for Section 501(c) (4) status. The targeting intensified, according to the IRS report, after the 2010 mid-term election in which the Republican Party achieved a majority in the House.  This targeting of groups and individuals continued through the 2012 election, and conservative commentators have justifiably argued that it effectively suppressed the conservative vote in 2012.  

Many conservative groups that were targeted are still waiting on IRS approval. The National Organization for Marriage was victimized by an IRS employee who leaked confidential tax information, and there were other cases that appeared to be of a similar nature—including one that targeted the Senate race in Delaware. The Justice Department has stonewalled on the case involving the illegal Organization for Marriage leak while the IRS continues to protect the identity of the leaker.

The agency is now placing further restrictions on the political activities of citizen groups, including nonpartisan voter-registration efforts, meet the candidate nights and debates, and on communications aimed at informing citizens about pending legislation in Congress and the states. This new regulation is being unveiled with less than a year to go before the 2014 mid-term elections.

Bob McNeil argues that this fearful rogue agency should be removed from politics as it is unconstitutionally harassing those who disagree with the regime. Continue Reading →

War Against Christmas is a War Against God

So says Marius Forte, the author (with Sam Sorbo) of the new book, The Answer: Proof of God in Heaven  

The war against Christmas, launched annually by the secularists who falsely claim that Christmas observance somehow discriminates against non-observers, is really their rejection of the spiritual side of life, of the soul and of a transcendent reality of the existence of God as the creator of the universe and as the giver of immutable laws. 

The war against Christmas is a war against American culture and heritage. Forte’ states, “Since the founding of our country, we all have lived and do live within the absolute framework of our Judeo-Christian religion.”  Christmas was declared a legal holiday by executive order of President Ulysses S. Grant, June 26, 1870. Since then, Christmas has been confirmed by acts of Congress and by the States. The American tradition has been to observe religious aspects of Christmas in church or at home and the secular aspects in various public forms. Forte’ gives the following foundational evidences which is by no means a complete list: Continue Reading →

Gun Confiscation in NYC–Testing Ground for Gun Grabbers

New York City is now confiscating registered and licensed Rifles and Shotguns that can hold more than five rounds. Notices are being mailed to gun-owners demanding: immediately surrender your Rifle and/or Shotgun to your local police precinct, and notify this office of the invoice number. The firearm may be sold or permanently removed from the City of New York thereafter…Permanently remove your Rifle and/or Shotgun from New York City…

Alan Gottlieb, Chairman of the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms (CCRKBA) and Founder of the Second Amendment Foundation (SAF), says, “This is exactly why firearms civil rights advocates oppose gun registration. The gun prohibitionists use these lists to confiscate firearms when they pass their gun bans. New York is proof positive.”

Gottlieb notes that the gun grab, if not challenged, might likely spread to New York State where the New York Secure Ammunition and Firearms Enforcement Act of 2013  (SAFE Act) has been passed but has not yet been enforced. The SAFE Act places further restrictions on law-abiding gun owners, and the state might also resort to the registration list for outright confiscations as is happening in NYC. Such seizures of guns from law abiding citizens could become common-place elsewhere if this trend is not checked by citizens concerned about individual freedom.

This gun grab should be of particular concern to New Yorkers as the ultra-liberal Bill de Blasio becomes Mayor in January. If history is any indication, NYC is about to go back to the days of David Dinkins and John Lindsay as those liberal administrations presided over high violent crime rates. This could only be exacerbated by the irrational confiscation of weapons of self-defense. Continue Reading →

One Thing Americans Could NOT be Thankful for This Year by John Guandolo

As Americans took part in our annual celebration of Thanksgiving to God for the many blessings He has bestowed upon our great nation, one thing we found difficult to thank Him for is strong and principled leaders in Washington—none can be found anywhere in our government.

Recent news of a “deal struck” with Iran has made the United States Diplomatic Corps giddy with excitement. Yet another agreement with Iran has been negotiated out of perceived weakness, including use of conciliatory language by American leaders who long to “get along” instead of govern with the best interests of the American people in mind.

The agreement, which includes billions of dollars in aid to the Iranian regime, will relieve pressure on Hezbollah”s benefactor to comply with international nuclear arms regulations. Diplomats, of course, will trumpet the “strict rules” of compliance the agreement imposes on Iran’s Uranium enrichment efforts, but since it has yet to comply with any of several international guidelines imposed on it to date, it is difficult to believe this agreement will be treated any differently by Iran’s Mullahs just because Western governments have given them more wiggle room.

Meanwhile, Israel and Saudi Arabia are gravely concerned, and for good reason. Benjamin Netanyahu has called the agreement with Iran a “historic mistake” and is sending his own team to Washington to speak to President Obama. Well aware that once U.S. forces are completely out of Iraq, Iran will have a clear path to the Saudi Kingdom, and understanding that a new era of war is on the horizon between the Shia and Sunni Muslim world, Saudi Arabia has a great deal to be concerned about, especially when the international community offers Iran leniency. Continue Reading →