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Jihad in Wichita Highlights the Massive Threat and the Ignorance of American Leadership

Understanding The Threat,By John Guandolo

On Friday, December 13, the FBI arrested 58-year-old avionics technician Terry Lee Loewen, an employee of Wichita Mid-Continent Airport (ICT), as he attempted to enter the airport apron through a perimeter gate so he could detonate a vehicle laden with explosives in a “martyrdom operation” in the cause of Allah—Jihad.  His plan was to blow up a passenger-filled airplane on the tarmac, killing as many people as possible, including himself.

What is typical, yet noteworthy, is the media’s dubbing of his plan, “radical,” and FBI leadership calling him a “lone wolf“—both of which demonstrate gross ignorance on the part of the media and our National Security community about the jihadi threat that continues to this day, more than twelve years after 9/11.

To be clear, the work done by the Special Agent leading the investigation and the undercover employees involved was superb. These people deserve our praise and our appreciation. Because of their diligence, the FBI was able to insert themselves into the operation and provide Loewen with inert explosives and diffuse this martyrdom operation.

In the FBI complaint, the following portion of an email from Loewen to an undercover FBI employee stated in part: Continue Reading →

Will Veteran Stand-down with IRS Turn the Tide?

Texas businessman, Vietnam era Veteran and American Citizen Party 2016 presidential candidate Bob McNeil expresses hope that a recent victory by the American Legion against arbitrary IRS intrusion into the rights and the privacy of veterans will lead to an across the board curtailing of constitutionally questionable activities by the rogue agency.  

The IRS has backed down from demanding intrusive and cumbersome information from veterans as a matter of routine. Previously such forms, including a DD 214 form, were requested only in extraordinary circumstances warranted by evidence.  

“I think this sends a strong message to the People that rules (and laws) can be changed, and the IRS, like any bully, can be beaten,” asserts McNeil, who himself defeated two IRS/DOJ summonses in 2008. Continue Reading →

Ryan-Murray Budget Deal is a Bad Deal

Texas businessman and American Citizen Party Presidential candidate Bob McNeil opposes the Ryan-Murray budget deal on the grounds that it increases federal spending and taxes at a time when the Federal Government is already groaning under the weight of a $17+ trillion dollar debt. 

“The budget permits $63 billion in new spending, money that would be borrowed at interest which will mean that close to $100 billion would eventually be added to the deficit,” notes McNeil.  

The Ryan-Murray budget also raises taxes which are deceptively called “user fees.”  These so-called user fees include an increase in an airline security fee from $2.50 to $5.60 per flight which totals $11.20 for a round trip. Other “user fees” travelers should expect to pay would include a “Domestic Transportation Tax” ($17.20), a Travel Facilities Tax ($6.40) and a “U.S. International Transportation Tax ($17.20). Continue Reading →

Top National Security Expert Praises Guandolo’s New Book, Raising a Jihadi Generation

Former federal prosecutor Andrew McCarthy, one of America’s most respected commentators on U.S. National Security, expressed high praise for John Guandolo’s new book, Raising a Jihadi Generation.

As a prolific author, and one of nation’s foremost authorities on the global jihadi threat, McCarthy’s endorsement is significant. While an Assistant United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York (1993-1996), Mr. McCarthy led the prosecution against Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman  (a.k.a. the “Blind Sheikh”) and members of his organization, in which a dozen jihadis were convicted of urban terrorism that included the 1993 World Trade Center  bombing, and a plot to bomb New York City landmarks. Mr. McCarthy has also made major contributions to the prosecutions of the bombers of the U.S. embassies in  Kenya and Tanzania, and the Millennium plot to attack Los Angeles International Airport. McCarthy’s role in some of the most prominent terrorism cases in American  history and the 9/11 investigation, attest to his extensive knowledge and understanding of the jihadi threat.

A while back, my friend John Guandolo, a marine combat veteran and former FBI counterterrorism agent, had an important idea. Continue Reading →


Second Amendment Foundation
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BELLEVUE, WA – A federal judge this week sided with the Second Amendment Foundation, Calguns Foundation and three individual plaintiffs and denied a motion by California Attorney General Kamala Harris to dismiss a challenge to California’s ten-day waiting period in the case of Silvester v. Harris

Senior Judge Anthony Ishii of the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of California noted in his 11- page order that, “Although Harris argues that the WPL (Waiting Period Law) is a minor burden on the Second Amendment, Plaintiffs are correct that this is a tacit acknowledgment that a protected Second Amendment right is burdened. Therefore, the Court concludes that the WPL burdens the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms.” 

SAF Executive Vice President Alan Gottlieb was delighted with the victory and noted that Judge Ishii said some “very important things” in his order. 

“Judge Ishii’s comparison of the waiting period to a prior restraint is significant,” Gottlieb observed. “He further stated that Harris, in her motion to dismiss the case, had not shown that the waiting period law is effective in reducing gun-related violent crime, or in keeping guns out of the wrong hands where the government has already issued that purchaser a License To Carry or a Certificate Of Eligibility.”   Continue Reading →

Raising a Jihadi Generation by Andrew C. McCarthy

A while back, my friend John Guandolo, a marine combat veteran and former FBI counterterrorism agent, had an important idea.

The Obama administration had recently purged the instructional materials used to train our government’s national security agents – law-enforcement, intelligence and military – about the threat posed by Muslim jihadists. Under the new training, the threat would no longer be recognizable. Obama theory, you see, holds that the threat is not jihadist terror and the Islamic supremacist ideology that catalyzes it. Instead, it is “violent extremism,” disconnected from any identifiable belief system – and, the administration cannot emphasize enough, having absolutely nothing to do with Islam … something a young agent better understand if he or she harbors any hope of being promoted up the ranks.

Of course, our enemies have no hesitation about announcing their intention to conquer America and the West, or about their conviction that seeking this conquest is an Islamic obligation imposed by very clear scripture. What’s more, this interpretation of scripture – Islamic supremacism – is the dynamic, preponderant Islam of the Middle East. True, only a small percentage of Muslims make the final, logical leap into terrorist aggression; but a majority of Middle Eastern Muslims – a substantial majority in several Islamic countries – construe Islam to require imposition of the repressive sharia societal system and all it entails. That means institutionalized discrimination against women and non-Muslims; rampant anti-Semitism; hostility to individual liberty; disdain for Western culture; cruel punishments; and endorsement of violence against perceived enemies under the guise of advancing Islam’s dominions.

The administration’s willful blindness to this reality, its dereliction of the duty to protect Americans at home and abroad, is how atrocities like the murders of American officials in Benghazi happen. It is how those atrocities are shamefully covered up by stonewalling and trumped up prosecutions designed to perpetuate the fraud that constitutional free speech rights, rather than Islamic-supremacist aggression, is the problem.

It is one thing for the White House and our post-American State Department to prattle about “violent extremism” and “religion of peace” while our enemies cry “Allahu Akbar” and “death to America.” It is quite something else for the government to force a fantasy version of the threat on the agents sworn to protect us from the threat – and to create an ethos that warns those agents to toe the line … or else.

Because he was one of them, John Guandolo understands that most of our agents want to do the job of protecting the country no matter how hard the government’s Big Thinkers make it. He wanted to come up with a practical way to help them. And so he has, by writing Raising a Jihadi Generation: Understanding the Muslim Brotherhood Movement in America. Continue Reading →

McNeil Concurs with Greenspan Degree of Economic Uncertainty Unprecedented

Texas businessman and American Citizen Party presidential candidate Bob McNeil sees uncertainty in the economy due to the unpredictable and arbitrary public policies of the Obama Administration. “The Administration has ham-handedly injected itself into the private sector to a degree that is unprecedented in American history,” asserts McNeil. The result is that banks and investors are holding off on investments, businesses are slowing expansion plans and are not borrowing, housing is off, innovation is tampered, and the overall economy is stalled and is in a torpid atmosphere that sees no sign of letting up. 

McNeil warns us not to read into recent numbers released by the Office of Management & Budget  which indicate an uptick in employment. These are the same people who lied about the numbers in October, 2012; one month before the National Election in which Obama was re-elected. “Even if the numbers are true this time around,” notes McNeil, “40% of the new jobs are taxpayer funded government jobs.” 

And this negative atmosphere pervades in spite of the Federal Reserve policy of creating extra money out of thin air, called “quantitative easing” and “monetizing debt,” and making the newly minted funds available at interest to the government and for loans by its member banks.

Former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan explained the phenomena in a recent interview with CNN: Continue Reading →

SAF Launches ‘Guns Save Lives Day’ National Advertising Effort, Posted by

The Second Amendment Foundation is launching a nationwide television advertising effort, calling attention to “Guns Save Lives Day” on Dec. 15, in conjunction with Bill of Rights Day.

SAF founder and Executive Vice President Alan Gottlieb announced the campaign, noting that the organization has bought “hundreds of thousands of dollars of air time” on Fox News, DISH TV, and Glenn Beck’s Blaze Network. He has also purchased air time on national conservative radio talk shows, SiriusXM satellite radio and major radio stations.

“Our message points out that guns do save lives,” Gottlieb said, “and that it is not in the interest of public safety to create so-called ‘gun-free zones’ where people are defenseless against violent criminal attack.”

Viewers will be directed to the toll-free telephone number (800-970-0998) that they can call to voice support for their Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms. People can also visit the website to sign a petition in support of gun rights and the fact that guns do save lives.

“While others will exploit national tragedies to push an agenda of victim disarmament,” Gottlieb observed, “those of us involved in ‘Guns Save Lives Day’ have a different message that the public has a right to hear. The proper use of firearms in emergency situations can make a difference to the safety of would-be victims, whether they are night-shift grocery clerks, single moms, senior citizens or small business owners.”

He was especially critical of Organizing for Action, the group created from the Barack Obama campaign organization, and Moms Demand Action, for exploiting the Sandy Hook tragedy, while trying to silence firearms rights groups. Continue Reading →

SHOCK CLAIM: OBAMA NOT A COMMUNIST, Conservative author: Agenda closer to another notorious movement

Reference WND article: 

Critics who believe Obama is a communist are wrong, contends a conservative talk host and author whose new book “Was Hitler a Leftist?” examines the German dictator’s radical agenda in light of today’s leftist movement in the United States.

The conclusion? Obama is a Nazi.

“I have to be careful saying that,” said Chuck Morse, host of the IRN USA News talk show.

“Barack is a Nazi more than a communist,” he said. “I’m not suggesting he’s an anti-Semite. I’m not suggesting he’s going to set up a Holocaust. But putting all that stuff aside, when you strip that away from historical Nazism and look at the political philosophy of Nazism, this is very much what Barack Obama is into.”

The book focuses on the evidence that Nazism, contrary to popular belief, is a leftist philosophy, not right wing. It looks at the “leftist nature” of Nazism, the anti-Semitism of the “left,” the Nazi-Soviet alliance and Nazi-Soviet agents and the Holocaust.

Morse examines elements of National Socialism he sees in Obama’s administration. Those include a national welfare system, nationalization of police forces, a centralized regulation of private businesses, a centralization of power and bureaucracies imposing their own demands on a citizenry.

He also looks at the use of demonization, noting many leftists today don’t say their political opponents merely are wrong but that they want to hurt people. His book notes Hitler’s suspension of the German Constitution. Members of Congress just this week held a hearing in which experts testified Obama has systematically breached the Constitution. Continue Reading →

Obama Ignores Jailed Christian Pastor in Iran

While President Obama is busy offering Iran a deal that they can’t refuse—we lift the sanctions while they get to enrich more uranium and create more centrifuges—Iranian-American Pastor Saeed Abedini remains locked up in prison. Abedini, an American citizen, was given an 8 year sentence for “evangelical activities.”

In November, Congressman Randy Forbes (R-VA) wrote a letter to the President asserting the following: 

Freedom of religion is, has been and must always be, among the great freedoms citizens of America possess. The prominence with which the United States holds freedom of religion must remain clear. Mr. President, the world looks to you as the face of our nation when gauging our commitment to ensuring this inalienable right is never subject to threat or restriction.

 Pastor Saeed Abedini’s situation in Iran has dramatically worsened since you discussed his captivity with President Rouhani in September. On November 3 2013, Pastor Abedini was transferred to Rajai Shahr Prison, which was described by Dutch diplomat Loes Bijen as a prison “where political prisoners who are seen as a nuisance are stowed away” and collocated with murders, rapists and drug addicts.

Marius Forte’, author of the new book The Answer: Proof of God in Heaven, states, “By ignoring the imprisonment of an American citizen, in an act that contradicts American and international law and custom, President Obama is also ignoring one of the most fundamental rights of American citizens, and that is freedom of religion.”  As a sovereign state, Iran had the right to expel Abedini; but instead they chose to imprison him for activities that are not considered to be a crime in the United States, to wit, practicing his religious faith.

 Forte’ continues, “Almost every President, who is the head of the US Government, is sworn into office with his hand on the Holy Bible. He does so on the steps of  the Capitol building.  He is not imposing a certain religion on any of us; yet he acknowledges  and confirms our Judeo-Christian beliefs openly and on a public square.”  Obama, in fact, was sworn in the second time with his hand on two Bibles! Continue Reading →