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Presidential Candidate Warns Obama-care Violates the 4th Amendment with Forced Home Inspections (Guest, Bob McNeil)

Bob McNeil, Texas businessman and American Citizen Party presidential candidate, says that Obama-care violates the 4th Amendment to the US Constitution by permitting government agents access to the residences of Americans without a search warrant. 

 The Department of Health and Human Services website indicates that American families will be subject to inspections if the family is judged as “high-risk.”  The so-called high-risk citizens who might be arbitrarily targeted for visits by federal agents include: Continue Reading →

Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt & U.S. ONE & the SAME (Guest, John Guandolo)

The Obama Administration has wrongly supported the Muslim Brotherhood and Al Qaeda against the regimes in Libya and Syria, and continues to support and defend the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, contends counter-terrorism expert and former FBI agent John Guandolo, host of

The Muslim Brotherhood killing non-Muslims, burning churches, and overthrowing governments across the globe, with the support of the Obama Administration, is the same Muslim Brotherhood which has a significant infrastructure here in the United States, and whose leaders are key advisors in nearly every organization and agency inside the U.S. national security apparatus. Continue Reading →