PRESS RELEASE: Operation Restored Warrior Comes to Charlotte, N.C.

TOPIC: Operation Restored Warrior Comes to Charlotte, N.C.

John Guandolo

Graduate-US Naval Academy 1989
Graduate-US Army’s Ranger School, Jumpmaster School, HALO School
Combat Diver
Former Captain United States Marine Corp/Active Duty from 1989-1996
Executive Director of Operations – Operation Restored Warrior
Former FBI Agent
World Wide Who’s Who List of 2014
Operation Restored Warrior Comes to Charlotte, N.C.

Combat veteran, former FBI agent and celebrated Counter-Terrorism trainer John Guandolo is inviting his fellow warriors and their families and friends to attend a special evening of music and fellowship in support of Operation Restored Warrior. The event will be held at the Levine Museum of the New South at 200 East 7th St. Charlotte, N.C. on Wednesday, October 1st at 6:30 PM.

Mr. Guandolo is proud to be working with an organization that is offering services that are vital to Armed Forces veterans returning from active duty. He notes that most veterans have experienced some level of trauma associated with active service and that the service provided by Operation Restored Warrior is as essential to the well being of men and women in uniform as is any veterans service offered.

Operation Restored Warrior offers veterans an opportunity for healing from problems that are associated with combat experience such as PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), Combat Related Stress (CRS), as well as physically wounded warriors, suicide, and other issues to get real help.

Open to all faiths, Operation Restored Warrior is a 5 day wilderness program that brings together soldiers in a non-denominational experience of ministry, fellowship, counseling, prayer and meditation on the power of God to heal and restore hope. John points out that, “ORW is the only organization in America which is actually healing our combat veterans from Post Traumatic Stress and other significant issues.”

The program, called the “Drop Zone,” has been helping service members for over 5 years from all branches of the military. From intelligence analysts to Navy SEALS and Army Delta, from Chaplains to Surgeons and everyone in between, healing knows no boundaries. Participants have experienced the restoration and healing that they so desperately need. Lifelong friendships are formed in a setting of mutual support and compassion.
Performers at this one time event include nationally acclaimed musicians Mark Schultz, John Waller and Kevin McKendree, as well as newcomers 19 Lions. Comedian Brad Stein will be the Master of Ceremonies and is joined by fellow comedian Tommy Blaze.
Tickets are $75. VIP tickets ($175) include a private cocktail hour with the artists, ORW team and front row seats. The link for tickets is The link for VIP tickets is For more information about Operation Restored Warrior see:

( Former) Captain John Guandolo, USMC is the Executive Director of Operations for ORW. He is a native of Rockville, Maryland who graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy in 1989, where he was commissioned an officer in the United States Marine Corps. During his active duty time, John served as a Platoon Commander with 2nd Battalion, 2nd Marine Regiment in combat operations in Desert Shield, and with 2nd Force Reconnaissance Company. John is a graduate of the U.S. Army’s Ranger School, Jumpmaster School, HALO School, and was a Combat Diver.
After resigning his commission in the Marines, John joined the FBI in 1996 as a Special Agent serving at the Washington, D.C. Field Office. As an FBI agent, John was a case agent, a paramedic, an undercover employee, and the Team Leader of the FBI’s Washington, D.C. SWAT Team. Since 2009, John has worked within the DoD and now privately as a National Security Consultant.
In 2006, John was forced to face issues he struggled with his entire life. Beginning a journey that led him into one of the first ORW programs in the spring of 2009, John found a perspective on the world he never knew. He also found deep healing. “ORW gave me the understanding of my place in this world, the authority I walk in, and the reality that God longs to Father me in the deepest parts of my wounded heart. It’s me walking arm and arm with Him. Without him I can’t. Without me, he won’t. Today, it is an honor and privilege to share that restoration and healing with other men.”

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